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JF Steering Group

The work within JF at KI is organized within the JF steering group composed of members from all parts of KI. The chairs, vice-chairs, secretary and treasurer are elected yearly by the steering group members. The steering group voices the opinions of people at the junior faculty level and bases these opinions on yearly surveys, workshops and seminars, as well as through a broad representation of the steering group from most departments of KI.

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Upcoming JF Steering Group meetings:

  • 24 September, at 9-11, NKS J8-10 Tantal, Bioclinicum, Solna
  • 24 October, 9-11, NKS J5-11 Senningrummet Bioclinicum, Solna
  • 12 November, 9-11, Insulinet, Plan 7, ANA Futura (Elevator B), Flemingsberg
  • 18 December, 9-11,  NKS J5-11  Senningrummet Bioclinicum, Solna


Leadership of JF

Kristiina Tammimies


Shireen Sindi


Ujjwal Neogi


Magnus Helgesson


Karin Sundström

Coordinator for Career Focus Group

Kristiina Tammimies

Coordinator for Communication Focus Group

Shireen Sindi

Coordinator for Equality Focus Group

Nick Tobin

Coordinator for Policy and Funding Focus Group