Learn Swedish

English may be the working language at research institutions and it may also be sufficient to use English in everyday life, since most Swedes are reasonably fluent in English. However, good Swedish skills facilitate the start of your new life in Sweden and you may find that learning Swedish will help you to integrate more easily.

There is a wide range of Swedish courses available.

Learn Swedish in advance

You can study Swedish before coming here! Swedish language and culture are taught in several countries and there are also web courses in Swedish. More information about learning Swedish.

Folkuniversitetet also offers a number of distance learning courses. Other possibilities on the internet to learn Swedish are duolingo, digitala spåret, kreativpedagogik

The MedineLingua website was developed into a comprehensive resource to support learning of medical languages.

Learn Swedish at KI courses at Folkuniversitetet

All doctoral students who are admitted to KI (admission decision or Ladok transcript) and postdocs at KI (registration in IDAC) are offered to take one Swedish language course* free of charge. You register with Folkuniversitetet and do an online placement test before enrolling in a course. A booking is always binding and an invoice is sent to Ulla Tunkara at International Staff Services (re free courses for doctoral students and postdocs) or your department even if you attend only once. If you cannot attend your course for a short period due to work or illness, contact your teacher to see what you can do to catch up with the progress of the rest of the group.

Please, note that this offer does not apply to visiting doctoral students. 
Staff, researchers as well as postdocs and doctoral students interested in additional courses are welcome to join but the course fee has to be paid by department or individual.

Dates: New courses starting on September 7 and 9 as well as week 40 (Sept 28-Oct 2) and week 42 (Oct 12-16).
Location: Folkuniversitetet Holländargatan 38, T-bana Rådmansgatan, Odenplan 
Fee: Doctoral students admitted to KI (admission decision or Ladok transcript needed) and postdocs at KI are offered one Swedish course* at Folkuniversitetet free of charge. Other participants may join and if paid by KI department (the ZZ code needed) the fee is 1 479 SEK per course*. It is also possible that you pay yourself 1 849 SEK incl. VAT.
*KI has a frame agreement with Folkuniversitetet regarding Swedish language courses (20 lessons of 45 minutes) especially for KI students and staff. Other Swedish language courses at Folkuniversitetet are not covered by the agreement.
Questions? Contact ki-utbildningar.stockholm@folkuniversitetet.se


More courses


Language@KI is a project by the International Committee at MF, where international students at KI can learn Swedish as it is spoken by swedes. More information on their Facebook page.

Other courses

Folkuniversitetet, Medborgarskolan, Svenska Nu, Swedish for professionals, Swedish teacher Stockholm offer Swedish language courses for individuals. You can study Swedish as a Foreign Language at Stockholm university. There are several recognised tests available that measure proficiency in the Swedish language.

Swedish for immigrants (SFI) provides knowledge of the Swedish language and Swedish society, free of charge. Municipalities have an obligation to offer SFI to newly arrived adult immigrants with a personal identity number. Also EU citizens who do not have a personal identity number are entitled to attend the SFI programme if they have the right to reside in Sweden. Check with your municipality:
SFI in Stockholm
SFI in Solna
SFI in Huddinge

SIFA fulltime intensive Swedish courses for academics (economists, lawyers, engineers or educators), daytime in Stockholm.

SFx-medicin fulltime intensive Swedish courses for medical staff in Huddinge.

Translation help

a dictionary on-line that translates words between different languages. Other free translation services: Free translation online and Google translate.