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News for Purchase & Procurement

Contracts and Procurement, May 2020

Framework agreement for Pipette Calibration Services
Is now complete and has been published in KI Agreements (Avtalskatalogen). The framework agreement is valid for 2 years from 2020-06-01 with the possibility of extension 1 + 1 year.

KI won review
Regarding the procurement of Framework agreement of signs. The agreement is valid for 2 years from 2020-06-11 with the possibility of prolonging 1 + 1 year. The supplier is the same as before, Floda Systemskylt. More information about the framework agreement and ordering can be found in KI Agreements (Avtalskatalogen).

Procurement of Catering Services
If you have any comments you wish to make, take the opportunity to submit them. Please contact the procurement officer in charge,

Survey follow-up on the framework agreement “Laboratory reagents and kits”
Last week, a follow-up survey was sent out to purchasing coordinators and “large buyers”. We encourage all recipients to answer the survey and participate in our follow-up work. If you have not received the survey but would like to participate and answer it, please contact, you can be added as a survey recipient. The last day to answer the survey is on June 16.

New framework agreements at
There are several new framework agreements at that include: follow-up of agreements, audits, environment and sustainability, that may be of interest to KI's departments. Go to the website to learn more about the new framework agreements.

Reminder from
The procurement Management Services - Business and Organizational Development (VU) is subject to review. There is a risk that the new framework agreement will not be in place before the existing one expires this summer and we will then have a period without contract.

Therefore, in order to secure future consultancy support, we would like to advise you on analyzing current and future needs in order to possibly call-off from the existing framework agreement. It may also be wise to allow the call-off to include options that can be triggered in the future, such as more time or additional assignments. Please note that contracts must be signed by July 31, 2020!

New employee
Hannes Olsson joined KI on June 1 as head of procurement at the unit.

A few words from our former head of procurement, Nils Emlund
“I have now worked my last week at KI before leaving and then starting a new position as head of procurement at Sida.
It is with mixed feelings that I now leave KI, an exciting new assignment is awaiting but at the same time it is sad to leave the organization and a fantastic unit with wonderful employees.
This week I hand over to my successor, Hannes Olsson. His most recent position was at Baxter Medical AB and he has previously worked with procurement for the county council of Östergötland.
Big thank you for this time, for great collaborations and dedication!
Wish you all a really nice summer!”'

In order to be able to plan for future procurement, we ask you to submit the document "Request for procurement support", in which we ask you to specify procurements above 100 000 SEK.

Please describe the needs in short, wished start date of contract, estimated cost, contact person and send to

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