News for Purchase & Procurement

New framework agreement for envelopes.
KI has a new framework agreement for the call-off of envelopes from 2022-04-01.

Order is made directly to the supplier: Kalmar Kuvert Sweden AB.
Questions can primarily be asked from the supplier; it is also possible to contact KI's internal post at

The agreement covers envelopes of different sizes and designs, e.g.: Ordinary envelop, Windowed envelopes, Courtesy Reply Mail (CRM), Padded envelopes, and Expansion Envelopes. The supplier must also assist KI with printing on the envelopes and at the same time provide support, so that every order is made properly. KI’s internal mail service should be contacted or be included as a copy of (cc) when ordering printing clichés (prepaid postal stamp).

Further information can be found in the contract catalogue

New framework agreement in the English language training courses
Karolinska Institutet has a new framework agreement with Acolad Sweden AB.
The Contract period is valid for 2+1+1 years and starts from 2021-12-28. The training courses can be used by employees, teachers, researchers and doctoral students.

In addition to regular courses, the framework agreement also includes hybrid and self-study.

Questions relating to registration, courses and their content are addressed directly to Acolad Sweden AB through a specially dedicated webpage for Karolinska Institutet (

New framework agreement for Dental handpieces and accessories
KI has signed a new framework agreement with the suppliers' DAB Dental and the W.H Nordic
This agreement took effect on 2022-03-21.

Information about new upcoming supplier
A new supplier Monica Askebäcks Frukt AB. Delivery of fruit baskets is procured.
The start date of the agreement is 2022-09-02.
In our contract catalougue are the agreement available from 2022-08-01.
And you should be able to place your orders already in August with start date for delivery from September.

Contract information fruit baskets
From 1 th May 2022 a price adjustment of 6.8% will take place for the framework agreement: 2-3195/2018 Fruit baskets – Företagsväxter I Knivsta AB.

Contract information “Staffing” and “Recruitment services”
The purchase and public procurement unit have made a quick guide and a simplified procedure for call-off from Kammarkollegiet’s framework agreement regarding “Staffing” and “Recruitment Services”. The purpose is to provide an overview of what the framework agreement covers and its content, as well as to facilitate the call-off process.

The agreements can be found in the contract catalogue under Agreement area / Administrative services / Staffing and recruitment services.

If you plan to use the Kammarkollegiet’s framework agreement for Staffing and Recruitment Services, please do as follows:
1. Read through the summary (see under "Additional information")
2. Fill in the checklist (see under "attachments")
3. Send the completed checklist to the purchase and public procurement unit with a request for support for call-off.

Important information about Flow Cytometry Agreement
Regarding our ongoing framework agreement Flowcytometry instruments with platforms specific products that we have procured, and the contract begin on December 1 th 2021, we have also informed about this in previous purchasing news.

A total of 8 suppliers are included in the framework agreement and we must point out that the framework agreement must be followed and that you shall buy these products from the procured suppliers:

  • AH diagnostics
  • Beckman Coulter AB
  • Becton Dickinson
  • Bio-rad
  • Life Technologies
  • Luminex Corporation
  • Miltenyi Biotec Norden
  • Sony Europe


Call-off takes place with renewed competition for purchases over 200 000 SEK. Contact our central purchasing coordinator Cis for help with the call-off. For further information see the contract catalogue.

Direct award during the summer
The central procurement coordinators have provided the following information to all the department Head of the administration regarding direct procurement during the summer/holiday period:

The purchase and public procurement unit avoid advertising and opening procurements during weeks 26-32 due to low staffing at both KI and suppliers. This means that if you plan to perform a direct award procedure, you need to forward plan, the request shall be sent to the purchase and public procurement unit no later than May 31st.

The direct award applications that are submitted after May 31st will be processed at the end of August once all the staff is back from their annual summer vacation.

Do not forget to fill in the request for procurement support by sending the request to and briefly describing the need, the desired start of the contract, approximate cost and contact person.

We in purchasing and procurement wish you all a Happy Easter.


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