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Newsletter August 2023

Information session about purchasing and procurement at KI; rules and law

  • In Swedish: 21 September 2023, at 9-12 (on-site at KI Solna)
  • In English: 26 September 2023, at 9-12 (virtual meeting)  
  • In Swedish: 3 October 2023, at 9-12 (virtual meeting)  

In two hours, we go through basic information about purchasing and procurement at KI. The training is suitable for those who want to get a better insight into why we must follow the Public Procurement Act (LOU) and how it works in practice at KI. Among other things, we go through practical tips, and consequences in the event of mistakes. Even we will practice by going through a few cases.  

More information and registration:  

Fruit deliveries

A reminder that the boxes in which the fruit is delivered should not be thrown away.

We have received information from the fruit courier that there are major problems with getting back the boxes in which the fruit is delivered. The fruit boxes are returnable boxes that should be reused if they are in good shape. The fruit courier has announced that they will need to start charging KI for the fruit boxes if these continue to be thrown away.  

Illumina products discontinued from framework agreement 2-505/2023

Several of Illumina AB's products from the framework agreement 2-505/2023: Laboratory chemicals, reagents and kits, and biological products, which previously could be purchased, will be discontinued as of January 30, 2025.

 Attached to this newsletter is a detailed description from Illumina AB about which products are affected and their suggestions for replacement products.

 Information about lab framework agreements
2-505/2023: Laboratory chemicals, reagents and kits and biological products
2-632/2023: Laboratory instruments and devices  

We would like to remind you again of the lab framework agreements that we announced last spring. Attached to the newsletter are two Maps (one for each framework agreement) listing which suppliers are available in each product area.  

Procured product areas “Laboratory Chemicals, reagents and kits, and biological products”

  1. Cells
  2. Cell culture media
  3. Supplements for cell culturing
  4. Antibodies
  5. Kits
  6. Chemicals &; Reagents
  7. Biopolymers, molecules
  8. Enzymes  

Procured product areas “Laboratory Instrument and devices”

  1. Automatic Pipettes
  2. Smaller Instruments
  3. Balances
  4. Fridges and freezers
  5. Centrifuges
  6. Cell Culture Equipment
  7. Microplate instruments
  8. Microscopes
  9. PCR Machines
  10. Other instruments  

Both framework agreements are published in the KI’s contract catalogue and more information about them can be found there.  

Information about the new framework agreement for “lab

Consumables 2-1065/2023: Consumables to laboratories” 

We would also like to inform you about a new lab framework agreement for consumables.  

Procured product areas:

  1. Tubes for PCR, centrifuging and storage
  2. Pipettes
  3. Pipette tips
  4. Laboratory & examination gloves
  5. Containers
  6. Safety and cleanroom products
  7. Filters
  8. Microplates for PCR, ELISA, and reservoirs
  9. Cell culturing dishes, plates & reservoirs
  10. Liquid/buffer measurement reservoirs
  11. Accessories/Disposables
  12. Personal protective equipment; PPE
  13. Other consumables for laboratories  


Orders/call-offs from the framework agreement will be made with a “special allocation key” if the purchase price is below or up to SEK 150,000. Call-offs that exceed this amount shall be subject to competitive tendering through Renewed Competitive Tendering.  

Call-offs under SEK 150,000
Procured products along with the supplier’s name will be available in our E-commerce system (online catalogue/punch-out) and are based on information submitted by the supplier. The customer decides which criterion is suitable for purchase through a “special allocation key” which can be:

Product Criteria

  1. Product specification
  2. Delivery time
  3. Package size
  4. Compatibility  


  1. Price for a specific product
  2. Price for total order  

If products from more than one supplier meet the same product criteria, the product with the lowest price is chosen.  


Purchasers can make a request for an additional discount before placing an order, if it concerns larger orders (more than 10 pcs and/or 150 000 SEK)

(NB: The request must be made to all suppliers offering the products in the related framework agreement)  

Call-offs over SEK 150,000

All Suppliers will compete freely in their respective product areas exceeding SEK 150,000.
Renewed Competitive Tendering will take place via the procurement system Mercell TendSign and will be handled by KI's purchasing and procurement unit. The client decides what is essential in the specific call and how the award criteria are to be weighted. At least one criterion must be specified. The basis for awarding contracts is one or more of the criteria below:  

Product Criteria

  1. Product specification
  2. Delivery time
  3. Package size
  4. Compatibility  


  1. Price for a specific product
  2. Price for total order  

Delivery terms
The delivery terms are according to DDP (Delivered Duty Paid), which must include customs duty and transport up to KI's specified goods reception.  

Additional fees, such as fees for small order quantities, shipping, etc. may not be charged. The supplier may reject orders under 500 SEK. The Customer shall be informed in writing of any rejected orders.  

Ordered product

  • The ordered product must always be delivered to the purchaser or the designated person.
  • Each order must be traceable.
  • The supplier must deliver ordered products with a delivery note

Order cancellation

  • If ordered goods are included in the supplier's standard stock range, KI has the right to cancel the order three (3) working days before the estimated delivery.
  • Return of goods may be made if the packaging is not broken and if this is done within 30 days of delivery. The customer must inform the supplier of the return within 10 days of delivery.
  •  Orders for special products or customer-specific products cannot be cancelled unless the supplier accepts the cancellation.   

Agreement period

  • This framework agreement enters into force on 2023-10-01 and is valid until 2023-09-30, with the possibility of extensions.
  • After one year, the agreement will be automatically extended for another year unless KI notifies the supplier otherwise. Then extensions for another 1+1 year. A total of a maximum 4-year contract period.
  • It is important that customers notify us if there is any dissatisfaction with suppliers.  

Price adjustment
The first price adjustment may take place after 12 months.


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