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Contracts and Procurement, October 2020

The framework agreement for Interior Architects Part 2 (Other architects) has now been signed This part of the procurement was reviewed, but the court has judged in KI's favor. The framework agreement for Part 2 is ranked, with LINK Arkitektur as No. 1, White Arkitekter as No. 2, MORE Solution as No. 3.
For Part 1 (Laboratories), the agreement was signed in July, where LINK Arkitektur is the only supplier.

More information can be found in KI Agreements (Avtalskatalogen).

Reminder of small order fees from Staples
The supplier charges a "small order fee" of 100 SEK per order when the order value is less than 350 SEK. Furthermore, delivery term DDP, "delivered duty paid", applies, which means that the supplier is responsible for all risks and costs associated with the transport, including tax, customs, fees and loading and unloading.

Price update on the framework agreement Consumables to laboratories 
After one year on the framework agreement, from 1 October, suppliers have the right to request a price update. The price update can mean both price increases, but also price reductions on certain products.

The price updates of the following suppliers have so far been approved and uploaded into our e-commerce system: Perkin Elmer, Life Technologies and VWR.

Also note that the previously approved price increase on Shield Scientific's gloves from Nordic Biolabs, where a temporary price increase was approved due to the consequences of the corona pandemic.

Information from VWR that sheds light on the situation for protective equipment but also in general
The situation is still difficult for gloves and will remain for a long time to come not only for VWR but for all suppliers. The manufacturing process for these products is complex and there is a shortage of raw materials worldwide.

When it comes to face masks and protective clothing, supply varies depending on quality and brand, but when it comes to these products, the supply is generally starting to get better. It is good if end users contact our customer service directly to get information about what applies to their order. The products are replenished regularly, but at present we have no stock and distribution of existing orders takes place as soon as we receive replenishment. We therefore strongly recommend that you place your orders well in advance and thus queue to receive deliveries that arrive.

For your information, in the end of September we will receive delivery of gloves. These gloves are in nitrile and only classified as MD, i.e. they are examination gloves (not personal protection) and they have not been tested for any chemicals. This may be an option for some KI users.

Cooperation agreement regarding Subtitle Services B has been extended with all suppliers. This is the last extension option.

Christmas smorgasbord We still have no framework agreement for restaurant visits. It will be the same approach as last year, with respect to authorities' guidelines and advice regarding Covid-19. More detailed information regarding ordering will come shortly.

Upcoming procurement
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