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Other education and student driven activities

To address growing societal and economic challenges, we believe that the role of the university is not limited to education and research but includes the "third mission". Both researchers and students can act as changemakers, engage with society and link the university’s activities with its socio-economic context to improve health for everybody.

KI DevReg Salons

Since 2017, we have organized a number of TEDx inspired DevReg Salons, forums for transferrable skills and important topics that are normally not covered by the curriculum. Learning for life, learning for change, learning for better world!

Let's talk about aging!

Enabling communications skills to leverage your career

Nudging for Sustainable Change

Sustainability in Practice


Back to Nature

Communicating Science

Compassion for Inclusion


Other Educational Activities

Pint of Science

2019 & 2020

Due to the current outbreak of Covid-19, the Pint of Science Festival planned for May 2020 is postponed to September (and all other events are cancelled/postponed until further notice). 

Demystifying scientific research and sharing it in a relaxed atmosphere.

The annual Pint of Science festival in the month of May allows researchers across multiple disciplines to engage with the public in an accessible and comfortable place and time, such as over a drink in an evening at the pub or similar venue. Fun events as Quiz between talks with goodies are organized also. For the first time in 2019, the event was organized in Sweden: Uppsala, Lund, Linköping and Stockholm. 

The 2019 event was supported by the DEVREG Doctoral Programme.


Zoobiquity event at KI

September 2019

Leading physicians and veterinarians gathered at Biomedicum for the Zoobiquity conference on September 3. The event, in collaboration with the DEVREG Doctoral Programme, offered attendees to immerse in bio-inspired research focused on two major challenges in women’s health: Cardiovascular Disease and Reproductive health, including fertility Preservation.


Scientific Salons: Meet an expert - get inspired. Working together for better health!

September 2019: Professor Catherine Shanahan with a lecture on “Vascular calcification and senescence”. Catherine Shanahan is a Professor of Cellular Signaling at School of Cardiovascular Medicine and Sciences; King's College London, UK. She also acts as a Vice Dean for Development, Diversity and Inclusion.

Hosts: Karolina Kublickiene and Maria Eriksson in collaboration DEVREG Doctoral Programme & Intricare consortium

March 2019: Dr Vicky MacRae: "Investigating the role of sex hormones in vascular calcification”. University of Edinburgh, UK. Doctor Vincenzo Cantaluppi: “Focus on microvesicles and their role in health and disease”. University of Eastern Piedmont, Italy.

Hosts: Magnus Bäck, Karolina Kublickiene and Peter Stenvinkel (NEO Cardio-renal group) in collaboration DEVREG Doctoral Programme & Intricare consortium 


Workshop on Organoid & 3D Culturing

2018 & 2019

Organized by Karolinska Stem Cell & Organoid (former Murine Stem Cells Unit) at the Department of Biosciences and Nutrition. Supported by the DEVREG Doctoral Programme.

Content of the workshop

  • Stem cells and development (mESC, hESC, hiPSC)
  • Organoids from pluripotent stem cells
  • Recreating organs from pluripotent stem cells (where are we now?)
  • Organoids in neurological disease modeling
  • Cells and materials in regenerative medicine


Tissue and Motion Conference

November 2018

This conference, supported by the DEVREG programme, brought together different research groups within the field of regenerative medicine at KI. The program included scientific activities (oral presentations, posters and invited speakers) and time for mingling and interaction between research groups.



September 2018

The INTRICARE EU Horizon 2020 Marie Curie ITN course covered some of the latest advances in cardiovascular medicine: from basic to translational research with added value for transferable skills and on the implementation of the sex and gender perspectives in preclinical and clinical research.