E-mail lists at CNS

To facilitate communication and to direct certain information to different groups of our department, we have created mailing lists. The mail address is open for all persons assigned to the specific mail list.

All staff

E-mail: staff@cns.ki.se

PhD- students

E-mail: cns‑doktorander@emaillist.ki.se


E-mail: cns‑handledare@emaillist.ki.se

Junior Faculty

E-mail: cns‑junior‑faculty@emaillist.ki.se

Research group leaders

E-mail: cns‑gruppledare@emaillist.ki.se

Collaboration Council

E-mail: cns‑institutionsradet@emaillist.ki.se

Steering Committee

E-mail: cns‑ledningsgrupp@emaillist.ki.se

Section Neuro

E-mail: cns‑neuro@emaillist.ki.se

Section Insurance Medicine

E-mail: cns‑shol‑korridor@emaillist.ki.se

Responsible: christian.dalin@ki.se

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Ann Hagerborn