For new employees at CNS

Welcome to the Department of Clinical Neuroscience, we hope that you will enjoy working with us! On this page, you will find information about your introduction to CNS, mandatory courses for new employees as well as information only concerning employees at CNS.

Mandatory introduction

As a new employee, you will go through a mandatory introduction together with your manager or the person appointed responsible for your introduction. It’s a mandatory introduction for all new employees at our department. You will find the template for the general introduction in the first link below. Should you work in a lab environment or with laboratory animals, there are additional parts that you must go through, see the extra templates below as well.

Additional information for employees at CNS

On the central website Your employment, you will find information concerning your employment. Some of the central web pages have additional information for CNS employees that you can access if you log in with your KI ID. The information can be found at the bottom of the pages. We have gathered these pages below so that you easily can take part of the information that concerns you.

Ann Hagerborn