For Managers at CNS

Together with the delegation as a research group leader/other managers comes the responsibility and the decision-making power for finance, personnel, the systematic work with the work-environment and the academic environment within the activity area of the research group. It is essential that the work environment and the academic environment are satisfactory for both employees, PhD students and associated within the group.


The responsibilities for research group leaders/ managers:

  • Draw up the budget for the entire research group in collaboration with the financial administrator at the administration.
  • Applications shall be signed by the Head of department or the Head of division. Decision/Agreement shall be signed by the Head of department. The original and a copy of the application together with project calculation template/budget shall be handed to the financial administrator.
  • Correct cost distribution on the projects.
  • Financial monitoring quarterly.
  • Delegation of authority for purchase of goods and services <100.000 sek, procurement law should be considered.
  • Purchase of goods and services > 100.000 SEK shall be made in consultation with the Purchase coordinator and the Head of administration and finance. For more information Purchase and public procurement at KI.
  • Ensure that established rules for travels and representation are respected. Please note the policy of the department is that tips are not paid from KI funds. For more information about Representation and Travel regulations.


The responsibilities for research group leaders/ managers:

  • Long-term work-force management.
  • Create good routines for the Introduction of new employees
  • Create good routines for termination of employment
  • Schedule recurrent leave such as vacation, leave of absence and parental leave
  • Offer required competence development
  • Work to prevent long-term sick-leave and rehabilitate actively when the sick-leave could not be avoided

Below are checklists for introduction and termination of employees:

Work environment

The responsibilities for research group leaders/ managers:

  • Create a good physical and psycho-social work environment: regular workplace meetings
  • Individual Performance management discussions once a year.Template Performance management discussion
  • Follow up the systematic work environment process and implement the necessary improvements
  • Ensure that a safety inspection at the work-place is carried out once a year. Please contact Patrik Emanuelsson to get access to the correct check list. 
  • Report work injuries to Försäkringskassan; report more serious personal injuries and serious incidents to Work Environment Authority - Arbetsmiljöverket.

Research, Education and Academic environment

  • Ensure that the group has an optimal infra-structure and staff providing for the essentials for good research production, creativity and good work environment. Checklist for the research group
  • Implement a strategy plan for the activity of the research group with vision, goal, milestones and critical factors Strategy plan for the research group
  • Ensure that the group has routines for and are working with secured data quality, research documentation ELN
  • Ensure that research exchange is implemented by the activity of PhD students and post docs in seminars and journal clubs and that they are presenting research data at conferences
  • Ensure that all members of the research group verify their bibliometry Verification
  • Ensure that necessary permits are available for the activity of the group, e.g. radioactive substances, gene modified substances, substances hazardous to health, ethical permits
  • Before any work with laboratory animals begins. Health examination and mandatory basic course

Equal terms

Go through a Web-based course about the discrimination law and equal terms

Ann Hagerborn