The CNS Organisation

The CNS orginisation consists of a Work environment group, a Department Council and a Junior Faculty.

The Department board CNS

The work at the Department of Clinical Neuroscience (CNS) is led by Head of Department Mats J Olsson together with the Department's Administrative Director, Karin Wallin Blomberg and the management team.

Work environment group

The work environment group aims to clarify the work environment consequences in all decisions made at the department.

The group is consists of representatives from all the different areas of activity, both employees and employers as well as safety representatives. The group helps the Head of Department to initiate safety rounds, to be a link between the department and the Work Environment Committee, between the department and Company Health Care and between the department and Student Health.

Read more about the work environment groups and its members 

Collaboration Council

The function of the Department council is advisory and it is meant to be a forum for dialogue and the anchoring of the decisions of the Head of department with the orientation towards strategy and activity this is why the Department council consists of members from different groupings of the department, especially concerning research, undergraduate education, the equality aspect and representation of technical/administrative personnel and students.

The aim is that the composition of the council is balanced so that the viewpoints and work experience of all members will be noticed and that they are given the chance to make themselves heard.


Chariman, Head of department
Mats J Olsson

Secretary/ Prefect Assistant
Ann Hagerborn

Head of Administration and Finance
Karin Wallin Blomberg

Responsible for undergraduate education
Maria Nilsson

Study director PhD education
Ingrid Kockum

HR supervisor
Elin Johansson

Head of the work safety representatives/ Union representative OFR
Venus Azhary

Safety representative/ Union representative SACO
Arsalan Amir

Union representative SEKO
Henry Wölling

Ombudsman Equality and Diversity
Lorena Fernandez de la Cruz

Teacher representantive

Teacher representantive
Jurgita Narusyte

Junior Faculty representantive
Christopher Sundström

Junior Faculty representantive

Student representantive
Leonie Seidel

Student representantive
Anghel Marina

Clinical representative

Clinical representative

Representantive T/A staff
Yongtao Xue-Franzén

Representantive T/A staff
Nilla Karlsson

Junior Faculty

Junior Faculty is a network of researchers with a PhD degree who have not yet received a permanent academic position. Junior Faculty at CNS offers a discussion forum and support in order to promote the career development for the target group that includes PhD, assistant professors and researchers having temporary positions. Junior Faculty at CNS is also collaborating and represented in the central KI Junior Faculty group.


The department has created a send list of all junior faculty that could be interested in information about JF releated events, the retreat etc. If you do not receive these e-mails please contact Elin Johansson.

If you would like to contact JF CNS please email Christopher Sundström.


Find the adress and all other information on how to reach us here

Ann Hagerborn