Documents you need

Important documents when you work in an EU or US project.

Time reports must be completed by everyone whose salary is put on the project.
Timesheet template for 2024 can be found at the bottom of this page.

Consent form. Signed by everyone at KI who works with the project. Insures KI that the person in question has read the related agreements and is aware of their responsibility.

Important to keep in mind when reporting time:

  • Fill in all the details on the front page such as: Acronym, GAnr, WP, Program, Name and Titles.
  • Date monthly i.e the next month or the last day of the month to which the timesheet relates to. Follow the delegation of authorisation policy if your supervisor is on vacation or absent when signing, i.e your acting supervisor will then sign your timesheet.
  • For each working day, fill in the number of hours that you have worked on each project and each WP. Each WP and each project has its own line in the timesheet. All EU and US projects must be reported in the same timesheet.
  • Report actual time (systematic time reporting is not approved). Decimals are counted as a percentage of 60 minutes. Remember to also include hours worked outside of normal working hours, such as weekends and holidays.
  • When travelling on the project, it is important that time is also stated in the timesheet and that it also corresponds with the agenda.
  • Note absence according to Primula in the timesheet during absence. In the case of “schablonsemester” (standard holidays) report actual vacation days under absence in the timesheet.
  • For US projects, enter the project number from UBW and include all hours worked at KI. Other hours worked at KI, which are not project specific, should be reported under “Other (KI)”. See Start Page in the timesheet template: “program/type”/other (KI).
  • eduSign is the only approved digital signature from KI. Here you will find the link to eduSign: E-signature | Employees ( Digital timesheets are then sent by email to:
  • Physical timesheets must be dated and signed with an ink pen. No scanned signings or dates (i.e. copies) are approved according to KI rules. Original timesheets should then be sent by internal mail to: GMO Timesheets, Nobels väg 15 A, KI Campus Solna, alternatively to postal address: Grants Management Office c/o GMO timesheets, Nobels väg 15A, 171 77, Solna

In order to receive continuous and efficient management, and to minimise the risk of personnel costs later not being covered, the timesheet needs to be submitted no later than the 10th of the following month.

If you have any questions about time reporting, please contact your financial manager at GMO.


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