Step 3. Grant Management & Reporting

While the financial part of most grants is managed by your department, the scientific management is naturally handled by the Principal Investigator. At the end of the project a final scientific and financial report should be submitted. Some funding agencies may also require additional reports.

Swedish and nordic funding
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Swedish, Nordic & other international grants (non-EU/US)

Web page: Swedish & Nordic research funding


The financial part of most grants is managed by your department. Contact your department


At the end of the project a financial report needs to be submitted. Some funding agencies may also require additional reports.

EU finding
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European grants

Web page: European research funding


From 2023 financial management is handled by the departments.

Grants Management Office's (GMO) is responsible for finacial compliance and the work at the unit includes

  • Support to officers at KI's departments
  • Preparation and updates of templates and tools
  • Review of time sheets and financial reports (Quality Assurance, QA)
  • Audit coordinations
  • Financial management of projects coordinated by KI (not ERC)


  • The grant holder has 60 days to prepare the reports.
  • The final report should often be accompanied by an audit certificate.
  • After receiving the final reports, the European Commission effectuates the final payment to the consortium/project within 90 days if no further questions arise.
US funding
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US federal grants

Web page: US funding


The operations are reorganised in 2023. Financial management is handed over from Grants Management Office (GMO) to the departments. The operations are supported by GMO. To ensure good financial management GMO and the departments will inform the Principal Investigator of every new project about the rules and procedures.

All US-federal projects are audited on a yearly basis and hence it is very important to ensure that only eligible costs are charged to the projects. Most of the non-financial scientific reports must also be signed by Grants Office. There are also other reports to submit, both internally and externally, such as reports for Financial Conflict of Interest, Effort Reports and other yearly follow-ups.


For some US grants it may be possible to extend the duration of the grant. Please note that if you want an extension you must submit a request to the funder in good time, usually through Grants Office.