Step 2. Grant Preparation & Agreement

Once you receive the notice of an award and before the project can start, a contract between the funding agency and the grantee is prepared. Depending on the funder, grant preparation can include different steps and additional agreements.

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Research contracts

Visit the web page Research contracts to get information about:

  • Who is responsible for the contract process?
  • Legal unit's function at KI
  • Who provides support?
  • Contract workflow in 4 steps

European & US grants

  • Contact Grants Office as soon as you get notice of your award.
  • All grant agreements must go through Grants Office and Legal unit to address all legal and financial aspects.
  • The Legal unit has a processing time of 14 days.

Other international funders

  • Grant agreements with other international funders should be sent to Grants Office in order to be signed by the Head of Grants Office.
  • Provide your application assurance form signed by the Principal Investigator, Head of Department and Head of Administration.
  • The grant agreements should be archived at the department of the main applicant, together with your application and your signed application assurance form.