Step 1. Grant Application

Here you can identify available support for different external funding sources, as well as aspects you should take into consideration when applying for a research grant - make sure you meet the criteria before starting.

Who provides support?

Budget & Economy

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A budget plan demonstrates the required cost for the proposed project in a given period of time, and is a key element of a research grant application.

  • You should always contact your department before applying for a research grant
  • Also contact Grants Office when applying for international funding

Read more about Budget & Economy

Before you apply - checklist

Signatures & Submission

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Most applications can be signed by the Head of Department, but others must be signed centrally, e.g. by the Head of Grants Office, KI President or the University Director, according to the delegation rules for KI.

For international funding applications requiring a Grants Office signature, provide an application assurance form signed by the Principal Investigator, Head of Department and Head of Administration.

For applications for one of KI's internal prioritisation processes, provide the application assurance form signed by the Head of Department.

Note that obtaining central signatures can take up to 5 working days.

Submit application

Applicants usually submit their own application.

However, US federal grant applications are submitted by Grants Office.