Research Support at KI departments

Administration at your department can help you with budget development, economic management and reporting. Your department also works together with other units at KI, and can guide you to the relevant expertise when needed.

Contact your department

Who provides support?

Contact your department a few weeks before the application deadline for budget & economy support.

The financial part of most grants is managed by your department, at the end of the project a financial report needs to be submitted. The grant agreements and grant application should be archived at the department by the main applicant.

Visit the web page: Swedish & Nordic research funding

Pre-award support: contact Grants Office
Post-award financial support: from 2023 financial management is handled by the departments.

Grants Management Office's (GMO) is responsible for finacial compliance and the work at the unit includes:

  • Support to officers at KI's departments
  • Preparation and updates of templates and tools
  • Review of time sheets and financial reports (Quality Assurance, QA)
  • Audit coordinations
  • Financial management of projects coordinated by KI (not ERC)

The grant agreements should be archived at the department by the main applicant, together with the application and signed application assurance form (for EU/US grants).

Visit the web pages:
European funding
US funding

Visit the web page: Support for research contracts

  • The Head of Department and in some cases the Head of Administration should review the contract and decide if the contract also needs to be reviewed by the Legal unit
  • Each research contract requires a person to be responsible for coordinating the process
  • This person can be the PI or in some cases a specifically appointed person/function at the department - always contact your department administration to identify the responsible person

Together with the Head of a department, the Head of Research Support Office makes decisions for:

  • Funding agreements and applications to the EU, the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and other foreign donors
  • Cooperation agreements with other grant recipients, possible additions and changes to existing applications and agreements
  • Related reports and system registrations for these contributors


Research funding support at KI

Film: Contract process in 4 steps