Support for research contracts

The contract process includes 4 steps. The Principal Investigator (PI) is usually responsible for coordinating the process and can during different steps get support from the units described below.

Film: The contract process in 4 steps

Support during Step 1. Preparation

I want to:

Understand who is responsible for the contract process

Get preliminary approval and guidance

Identify type of collaboration & agreement and discuss risks in choice of collaborative partner

Apply for international grants, negotiate EU grant agreements and discuss risks in choice of financing organisation

Negotiate US grant agreements and assess potential Conflict of Interest

Assess other potential Conflict of Interest

During Step 2. Content - what should be included?

Before the Legal unit can review your research agreement draft, you should identify all financial and regulatory issues to make the review process as efficient as possible.

I want to:

Understand the purpose and content of research contracts

Sort out compliance issues: ethics, insurance, clinical studies, consents and personal data in research (GDPR)

Manage my research data

Assess export control, environmental and sustainability issues

Collect human biological samples (KI Biobank)

Purchase goods or services

During Step 3. Make an agreement

You need to draft, negotiate and finalise an agreement that is legally correct. 

The Head of the Research Support Office (RSO) together with the Head of a department makes decisions for:

  • Funding agreements and applications to the EU, the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and other foreign donors
  • Cooperation agreements with other grant recipients, possible additions and changes to existing applications and agreements

I want to:

Get contract templates and forms recommended at KI

Contact the Legal unit

During Step 4. Signature

When the agreement's final version has been reviewed by the Legal unit, the agreement must be signed by all parties & other stakeholders, before the research project starts.

Who should sign the agreement?

Can the agreements be signed digitally?

Who should sign the researcher consent form?

How to register (Dnr) and archive the agreement and researcher consents?