Support for research contracts

The contract process includes 4 steps. You need to provide specific information to the Legal unit before they can review your contract - see the checklist below. The Principal Investigator (PI) is usually responsible for coordinating the process and can get support from different units.

The contract process

The Legal unit's checklist is also available on a separate web page: in English or Swedish

Legal review - checklist & guidelines

Additional information & support

During step 1. Preparation

You need to identify a collaborative partner/funding body and assess opportunities/risks.

Then you need to appoint a person who will be responsible for coordinating the processa and get approval from your department.

I want to:

During step 2. Content

You need to understand what type of agreement is important in your case and what should be included.

Before the Legal unit can review your research agreement draft, you should identify all financial and regulatory issues to make the review process as efficient as possible.

I want to:

During step 3. Agreement

You need to draft, negotiate and finalise an agreement that is legally correct - e.g. reviewed by the Legal unit

Make sure that the final version is approved by the relevant official signatories.

I want to:

During step 4. Signature

When the agreement's final version has been reviewed by the Legal unit, the agreement must be signed by all parties & other stakeholders, before the research project starts.

Summary: the contract process

Photo: Kseniya Hartvigsson.