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Group life insurance (TGL)

As a government employee you are insured through Tjänstegruppliv (TGL), an occupational group life insurance policy from SPV. The policy provides economic protection for your spouse, registered partner, cohabitant and children. The insurance is valid from the day you arrive at your workplace and as long as you are employed, until the age of 65. It is also valid when you are on vacation or sick leave.

Occupational injury insurance (PSA)

The insurance policy covers accidents at work, accidents to and from work, and diseases that are directly related to the work.

Accidents and work related injuries (Swedish)

AFA Insurance - compensation for employees

Voluntary group insurance

This insurance requires you to have an employment at Karolinska Institutet and a social security number. You sign it at Skandia. For some insurance policies require a health declaration.

Karolinska Institutet has an agreement with Skandia insurance company to offer a voluntary group insurance. You can buy insurance for you and your family as like: life- and health insurance, security capital, accident insurance and child insurance.

You log in to Skandia by entering agreement number 16142 and control code 6708. Once you have entered Skandia’s website you will find detailed information about the various group of insurance policies.

Sign up for Skandia voluntary group insurance (Swedish)

Business travel insurance

Karolinska Institutet has agreements with Kammarkollegiet concerning business travel insurance. You should bring the terms of this agreement when you travel, so you know what is applicable if you incur injury or damages.

When traveling to EU/EEA countries bring along the European health insurance card (EHIC), which you can request from Försäkringskassan.

When travelling to other countries you should bring the personal blue travel insurance card, which is issued by your department.

Diners Club Travel insurance

The Diners Club TAC insurance applies when you book your business trip and accommodation with our contracted travel agency, Ticket Biz. This policy is applicable in the event of an accident or a baggage or transport delay.


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URA insurance

The URA insurance covers KI-employees who are posted abroad on a URA-agreement. It contains a personal injury protection and an insurance cover that corresponds to the protection in a travel insurance. The terms of the insurance can be found at Kammarkollegiet.

KI has a collective insurance for everyone who is sent out according to the URA agreement. Contact your local HR administration for a signed and stamped certificate, which describes what the URA insurance covers.

Insurance coverage for scholarship holders

Information about Insurance coverage for scholarship holders.