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The insurance does not apply in countries where the Ministry of Foreign Affairs advises against all travel. If the Ministry of Foreign Affairs advises against all travel to a specific area in a country, the insurance does not apply in that part of the country. If the insured has started his or her outward journey before the advice has been issued, the insurance will continue to apply during a transitional period (max. 30 days), allowing the insured to leave the country and return to Sweden.

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Student IN collection

The Student IN collection insurance applies to admitted exchange students who study, research or practice in Sweden according to an agreement between KI and a foreign university or college. By assumed is meant registered in LADOK.

From 2020-02-01, the group insurance also applies to external students such as Erasmus students, doctoral students or trainees who are to study or practice in Sweden without being registered in LADOK and when there is no written agreement between higher education institutions.

Read more information about Insurance for international students.

Group life insurance (TGL)

As a government employee you are insured through Tjänstegruppliv (TGL), an occupational group life insurance policy from SPV. The policy provides economic protection for your spouse, registered partner, cohabitant and children. The insurance is valid from the day you arrive at your workplace and as long as you are employed, until the age of 65. It is also valid when you are on vacation or sick leave.

Occupational injury insurance (PSA)

The insurance policy covers accidents at work, accidents to and from work, and diseases that are directly related to the work.

Accidents and work related injuries (Swedish)

AFA Insurance - compensation for employees

Insurance for foreign visitors, FUB

FUB applies to foreign visitors, incl. fellows, who have a connection to KI's activities and stay here for less than a year (ie lacking a Swedish social security number). The insurance is only valid for 364 days.

FUB is taken out as a group insurance that applies around the clock in Sweden and during travel that takes place directly between the home country and Sweden. The insurance does not apply if the insured is in his home country. The insurance also applies in the Schengen area if the insured has a Schengen visa.

The insurance covers emergency medical and dental care and home transport to the home country if necessary. The insurance does not cover regular checks or medications for illnesses that have occurred before the trip.

The insurance contains invalidity and death capital. In the event of an accidental injury leading to medical disability, an invalidity capital is paid in relation to the medical degree of disability. If the accidental injury leads to death within three years, a basic amount is paid to the estate.

The insurance also includes a liability cover if someone claims the visitor for damages for something the visitor did during the visit. It also contains a legal protection if the visitor claims someone for damages.

In addition, the insurance includes a property protection if the visitor gets rid of his private property during the visit. In the event of damage to property, the deductible is always 1500 SEK.

Voluntary group insurance

This insurance requires you to have an employment at Karolinska Institutet and a social security number. You sign it at Skandia. For some insurance policies require a health declaration.

Karolinska Institutet has an agreement with Skandia insurance company to offer a voluntary group insurance. You can buy insurance for you and your family as like: life- and health insurance, security capital, accident insurance and child insurance.

You log in to Skandia by entering agreement number 16142 and control code 6708. Once you have entered Skandia’s website you will find detailed information about the various group of insurance policies.

Sign up for Skandia voluntary group insurance (Swedish)

Business travel insurance

KI has an agreement with Kammarkollegiet regarding service insurance. The administration at your institution can issue a digital certificate that shows that you are covered by KI's business travel insurance. Please save your digital certificate on your phone or computer and take it with you on the business trip. On the certificate you will find the telephone number of Falck Global Assistans, who will guide you if anything should happen.

For travel to EU/EEA countries, you should take the European Health Insurance Card with you, which you can order from Försäkringskassan. Don't forget to check the validity of the card before you travel.

Business insurance is valid during working hours on business trips, but personal injury cover applies 24 hours a day. During working hours on a business trip, you are covered by AFA insurance. If you have an accident during your free time while on a business trip, the work injury insurance does not apply, which is why we recommend that you have private accident insurance that applies during your free time abroad. 

Moderna Försäkringar travel insurance

The Diners Club TAC insurance applies when you book your business trip and accommodation with our contracted travel agency, BCD Travel. This policy is applicable in the event of an accident or a baggage or transport delay.

URA insurance

URA insurance is for those who are posted abroad on a URA contract. It includes personal injury cover (including accidents) that applies 24 hours a day as a posted worker.   

KI has a group insurance policy for everyone posted under the URA contract. The URA group insurance also includes insurance for maternity and childbirth. Contact your local HR to obtain these e-signed certificates. These certificates outline what is included in the URA insurance and for maternity care and delivery.

Insurance coverage for scholarship holders

Information about Insurance coverage for scholarship holders.


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