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Working from abroad (URA-contract)

Applies to employees at KI who will be stationed abroad after the employer's decision. Please see checklist for employees below in "Documents". Information and forms for HR, see HR-support.

Agreements on foreign contracts and guidelines for terms of employment in employment abroad (URA) are used for employees who will be stationed abroad during their service. The agreement gives the employer the opportunity to agree with the employee on terms of employment based on the requirements of the business, the nature of the assignment and the employee's individual situation. With the support of URA, KI can employ employees for a limited time for foreign service.

Before an employee moves abroad, a URA contract must be drawn up between KI and the employee, stating the conditions that apply throughout the entire international service. Examples of this may be compensation for additional expenses, housing costs, compensation for relocation and travel, etc.

Accompanying family members may also be subject to benefits and conditions linked to the employee's foreign service, which is regulated in the contract.

A person stationed abroad by the Swedish authority must to be resident in Sweden (and should have been for at least one year before the contract begins) and must be covered by Swedish social insurance, which means being able to retain sickness benefit, parental benefit and child allowance from the Swedish Social Insurance Agency. 

Salary and ev. other remuneration is paid from Sweden and taxed according to Swedish law.


The collective URA insurance covers an employee on URA contracts. It contains a personal injury cover and an insurance cover that corresponds to the protection of a travel insurance. The terms of the insurance can be found at the Kammarkollegiet.

Contact your local HR to obtain a signed and stamped certificate, which describes what the URA insurance covers.


Marie Curie financing

If the broadcast is financed in whole or in part by Marie Curie's funds, this must be reconciled with the HR department before the URA contract is drawn up.


Åsa Agréus

UF Central Administration