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Store and share files

Information about tools for storing and sharing files.

Central storage on a file server

Central storage means that the servers on which data is stored are located in Karolinska Institutet's own data center. This storage solution is included for the departments that are part of Coordinated IT Operations. Other departments can order it.

There are four different places for storage. Which one to choose depends on who should have access to the files/data:

  • Home directory (H:): Personal space that only the individual user has access to (only for departments within Coordinated IT Operations).
  • Group folders (G:): The group's common storage that is available to all members of the research group. The folder is created automatically (only for departments within Coordinated IT Operations).
  • Project folders (P:): Storage space for projects and storage of research data for the groups. The owner of the folder decides who should have access to it. Only people within KI (who have a KI ID, not students) can access the storage space. Find instructions on how to order a project folder in the next section. 
  • Lab Folders (L:): Storage space that works like the project folders but can also be accessed from the lab network. Lab folders can be ordered as a personal folder or for a group.
    How to save files from the lab network

You must be connected to KI's client network or VPN to access your folders. You can access the lab folders even when you are connected to the lab network.

Order folder on P:

To order a folder on P: or L:, email the following information to

  • The folder's name
  • Person who owns the folder, first and last name and KI ID (is going to approve who is going to have access to the folder in the future)
  • How big do you think the folder will be (if predictable)
  • How much will the folder grow in size (if predictable)
  • Which users should have access to the folder, first and last names and KI ID

If your department is not part of Coordinated IT Operations and you want to order central storage on a file server, read more about storage in our service catalogue (in Swedish only).


OneDrive is a cloud service for storing and sharing folders and files. OneDrive is available to all employees and affiliated at KI. Employees have 5 TB and affiliates have 1 TB of storage available on their OneDrive. The maximum size of files that can be saved in OneDrive is 100 GB.

On migrated KI computers, OneDrive is pre-installed. The computer automatically connects to OneDrive and synchronizes desktops, documents and images to OneDrive from the computer.

You can also log into OneDrive through a web browser and access your files.

Guide to sharing files and folders in OneDrive at Microsoft.

Storing and sharing sensitive personal data requires multi-factor authentication

You can save sensitive personal information in OneDrive if you have multi-factor authentication enabled to log into your account.

If you want to distribute folders or files with sensitive personal data, you must ensure that the recipient also has multi-factor authentication enabled. It is up to the employee or affiliated to notify the recipient and ensure that multi-factor authentication is enabled before sensitive personal data is shared.

KI Cloud (ownCloud)

KI Cloud is a cloud-based file synchronizing service "share and sync" where all data is stored and backed up in KI's central IT Department's data center.
With KI Cloud, you can synchronize files between the computer, mobile phone and tablets, as well as share files with colleagues both inside and outside KI. KI Cloud is based on a third-party solution; ownCloud.

Log in to KI Cloud

More information about KI Cloud (in Swedish).

User manual KI Cloud.

KI Box

    KI Box will be replaced by OneDrive 2020

    During 2020, KI Box will be replaced by OneDrive. If you haven't started using Ki Box yet, please use OneDrive instead.

    KI Box is a cloud-based file sharing service that enables you to share files between your computer, smartphone and other mobile devices and with colleagues and partners inside or outside KI.

    The service Box has been jointly procured by universities and university colleges in Sweden via SUNET. It is though important to bear in mind that not all sorts of data can be stored in KI Box considering it being a cloud service.

    Log in to KI Box

    Read more about KI Box

    Management of personal data

    Department server IT Office's Server unit: G, H, P KI ELN KI Box(no MFA) KI Cloud (no MFA) KI Share (no MFA) OneDrive Teams
    Storage, no personal data Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
    Storage, Sensitive personal data (Yes) Yes Yes No No No Yes* Yes*
    Sharing, no personal data Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
    Sharing, sensitive personal data (Yes) Yes Yes No No No Yes* Yes*
    • (Yes) = Talk to the responsible person at your department of IT before you save sensitive  personal data on the system. If personal data is to be shared outside KI, extra safety actions might be needed.
    • MFA = Multi-factor authentication. Is used to secure your files more securely. Read more on how to activate MFA.
    • * = Provided that MFA is activated.

    Storge of Research Data

    Plan your Research Data Management


    If you have any questions about the services, feel free to contact KI’s central IT support.