Support & Tools when working in ANA Futura

General information on affiliation and administration when working in ANA Futura.

Purchases, fund requests and orders

For purchasing, the same procedures as today apply; i.e. the purchasers who handle orders at their respective departments will continue to do so initially. 

Purchases for ANA Futura

If you wish to make purchases for ANA Futura, the finance group in ANA Futura has decided that you need to fill in a "Purchase approval" form according to the routine below:

  1. Fill in the Purchase approval form (you can also find it under 'documents' further down on this page).
  2. Send the form to the chairman of ANA Futura (
  3. The chairman contacts the finance group for approval.
  4. The finance group informs the person concerned if the purchase is approved or not.

Routine for fund requests for common infrastructure in ANA Futura

For fund requests for common infrastructure - follow this routine.


Since September 1, 2022 KI Campus IT Support is available in the reception in ANA Futura, floor 7. KI Campus IT support assists KI-staff from all Departments at Campus Flemingsberg.

The service desk is open: Monday to Friday 09.00-15.00. Bring your laptop!

Videoconference camera

A videoconference camera is available for use by staff in ANA Futura. See routine for booking.


The printers on the 7th, 8th and 9th floor are installed with FollowMePrint which means all printers have a card reader where you identify yourself with your KI Access card and actively select what you want to print on a touch screen.

Read more about FollowMePrint & how to set a default printer

Connect your card to the printer

You will have to connect your card to the printer the first time you print. When you have connected your card, you can use all printers in ANA Futura.

Guide for connecting your card and using the printer (pdf)

Toners and paper for the printers

Here is the routine for toners and paper for the printers

Access card

Read more about the access card rules under “Working environment and safety ANA Futura".

Routines for dissertations

Suggestions for organizing dissertations in ANA Futura.

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