Direct Purchase (0 - 100,000 SEK)

For one-time, non-recurring purchases below 100,000 SEK where there is no framework agreement, the purchaser conducts a direct purchase.

If there is no framework agreement for the  purchase, and the one-time, non-recurring, purchase need is below the direct procurement threshold of 100,000 SEK, the purchaser makes the purchase directly. This is because no formal competitive tendering is required. In such purchases, the purchaser is recommended to attach KI's general terms and conditions for the purchase of products/services and the contract form.

Please note that if the purchaser intends to make several identical purchases over a twelve-month period, these purchases should be aggregated and procured through the Purchasing and Procurement Unit if the combined value exceeds 100,000 SEK. KI is legally considered a (joint) purchaser. Therefore, KI's purchasers should, if possible, aggregate their purchases together with other institutions.


Josef Dadoun