Our typography is part of our signature and helps ensure that all our communications present a harmonised image of KI. We use Times New Roman and Arial for Office programs and digital presentations, while for printed matter and other marketing communication we use Mundo Sans and Minion.

Typefaces for use in your day-to-day work

Use Arial or Times New Roman typefaces in your day-to-day work such as emails, documents and presentations. Both typefaces are available in all systems and computers.


Arial is recommended for presentations and emails, and is also a suitable typeface for document headers.

Times New Roman

Times New Roman is recommended for documents, letters and body text.


When using KI templates for documents or presentations, the default typeface is the correct one.

Typefaces for marketing communications

Mundo Sans and Minion are used in internal and external marketing communications such as printed matter and advertisements. It is necessary to buy a licence to use the Mundo Sans and Minion typefaces; one licence covers one user and one typeface.

Mundo Sans

Mundo Sans is used for all shorter texts in printed matter such as headers, summaries, shorter running texts, and tables.


For longer running texts in printed matter, use Minion. This typeface is also effective in subheadings.

Order licenses for Mundo Sans/Mindo

Order licenses for the font Mundo Sans and/or Minion in the purchase portal Wisum. One license per user. 

Log in the purchase portal Wisum