Wellness hour

The purpose of the wellness hour at work is to provide opportunities for a sustainable work life, where active recovery and physical activity ar natural part of a balanced week and a healthy lifestyle.

KI employees, who are employed at least 50% of full time, are entitled, if work management allows, to spend one hour of their workweek on health and wellness activities. If necessary, manager may temporary approve additional time.

  • The total time amounts to one hour per week.
  • The wellness hour should be planned and adapted according to the needs of the employee in agreement with the manager. 
  • Activities may consist of walks, on-campus exercise or active breaks organised by KI Health Promotion or Health Promoters.

The wellness hour is optional for the employee and the hour of activity is conducted without management, why occupational injury insurance in exceptional cases. Read more on the page about insurances.


  • The wellness hour is aimed at employees, not students, at KI
  • The wellness hour may be divided into parts, no less than 10 minutes
  • The wellness hour should be established by immediate supervisor
  • The employee must be employed at least 50 % of full time
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