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Activity evaluation and analysis

Doctoral students should be encouraged to give feed-back on the activities they have participated in. This feed-back together with the reflections of the organisers, and subsequent feed-back to the participants will enhance the quality of future activities.

Participant evaluation

For a minor activity (less than 15 students, a duration of less than a half day and a cost of less than 5,000 SEK), a more simple evaluation may be used. The design of the evaluation should though be in agreement with the coordinator of the programme or the coordinator for doctoral education (depending on the source of financing).

The Evaluation Unit at the Department of LIME will carry out the evaluation, free of charge, through KI Survey when a more extensive evaluation is required. The anonymous activity evaluation consists of five questions (additional questions can be added, but it is suggested to keep the evaluation short). See under Documents below.

Send an email to and provide them with the following information:

a) Title of the activity

b) Dates of the activity (start and end date)

c) Aim of the activity

d) Your selected outcomes for doctoral education, relevant for the activity (maximum three). 

e) Email addresses to the participating KI doctoral students or KI postdocs (in Excel with each address in a separate cell)

f) Name of the person responsible for the activity

Organiser's summarising activity analysis

After finished activity and performed evaluation, a summarising activity analysis is to be written by the person responsible for the activity, using the form intended for this (see below). The form is to be submitted to those who financed the activity.


Erika Franzén

Chair of the Course and Programme Committee

Emilie Agardh

Vice chair of the Course and Programme Committee

Ingeborg Van Der Ploeg

Central director of studies