Arranging doctoral education activities

Karolinska Institutet wants to stimulate a good research education environment during the doctoral education. Doctoral education activities can be arranged by doctoral programmes, departments, the Karolinska Institutet University Library (KIB) or other actors.


The Faculty Board has the overarching responsibility for doctoral education at KI and wants to stimulate a good research education environment during the doctoral education. The doctoral programmes quality assure above all credit-giving courses, but also other important doctoral education activities.

Doctoral education activities, such as workshops and retreats, can be arranged by doctoral programmes, departments or other actors. These activities are meant to contribute to a good research education environment for the doctoral students, and to reaching the outcomes for doctoral education, as described in the individual study plan. These activities can also have an impact on future career opportunities as they facilitate for the doctoral student to develop skills that may be required after graduation.

Application for funding

See Applying for funding of doctoral education activities.

Once your application has been approved you can proceed with the announcement of the activity.

Requisition of granted funding can be made after completed and evaluated activity, see Requisition of funding.

Announcing the activity

All activities (arranged within or outside the doctoral programmes) should, as a minimum, be announced as a calendar event at the both following start pages (this is done by the activity organiser/web editor):

We recommend a web-based application form including the following:

  1. Information about the activity:
    Title, date(s) of the event, location, aim(s)/purpose, content, intended learning outcomes, selection criteria (if applicable)
  2. Information required from the applicants:
    Name, e-mail address, department, position (KI doctoral student, KI postdoc, doctoral student at other university, other: please specify)

Tip: Read more below about evaluation, before announcing the activity.

Evaluating doctoral education activities

Go to Activity evaluation and analysis to find out about evaluation of doctoral education activities.

Guidelines for arranging "kappa" writing seminars

The aim of “kappa” writing seminars is to support doctoral students in getting started with writing a high quality thesis.

These seminars are intended for doctoral students at KI and the same principles as for doctoral courses apply, regarding what the funds can be used for:

  • Teacher’s costs (which are not funded by a KI assignment or KI employment)
  • · Administration
  • · Teaching material (not course literature)
  • · Teaching premises

An indication of the approximate amount that may be granted is 10 000 SEK for a one-day activity.

Follow the procedure for doctoral education activities on this page and Applying for funding of doctoral education activities when you plan your "kappa" seminar.



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