Assessment of Learning

As an educator in a medical university, you likely have an interest in evaluating students' learning progress. To assist you, we have compiled relevant papers and guidelines about conducting reliable and valid assessments within health professions education. Feel free to reach out to us with your insights and recommendations.

"The curriculum tells you what the faculty are doing. The examination system tells you what the students are doing."
(David Boud)

Basic concepts in assessment of learning

Assessing competence in different domains

Photo of woman examining the skin on a man's back.

How to assess ‎clinical skills?‎

Beyond written tests, medical education demands assessing students' practical abilities.

Health care professional with elderly patient

How to assess ‎professionalism?‎

In the last decade, assessing professionalism in health professional education has become increasingly explicit. Regulatory and accreditation bodies now require that professionalism is both taught and assessed during training.

Tools, services and courses that help you assess better

More advanced topics

Programmatic ‎assessment

Programmatic assessment should be a comprehensive approach to crafting an assessment program, aiming to enhance its roles in facilitating learning, making informed decisions, and ensuring the quality of the curriculum.