Communications planning

Using planned and coordinated communication activities enable you to achieve your purpose and goals effectively. We recommend that you draw up a communication plan for all communication activities.

Think about communication early on

Often, the aim of a project or activity is that you want people to know, understand, accept, and perhaps react in a certain manner. Therefore, think about the communication needs already at the start of your project.

For researchers

Start by updating your profile page, it's the first hit of a search on your name on the KI website and, for example on Google. Even your research group page should be updated and linked to your profile page. An updated profile page and research group and/or project page make it easier to get in touch with you, both for general public and for other employees.

The communication plan as support in planning

A communication plan template is always useful when planning your communication. When finalised it should primarily include:

  • Introduction with background, current status, definitions and limitations
  • Purpose, goals and strategy for the communication
  • Message, target groups, channels
  • Governing parameters, measurement and follow-up
  • Time and activity plan

Support from the Communications and Public Relations Office

The Communications and Public Relations Office may not have the possibility to meet everybody’s needs, but please contact us for a meeting or a suggestion.