Create experiment

Experiments are created by the users themselves and each experiment is associated with one (or more) project/s.

To create a new experiment, click on “+ Start New Experiment” in the middle of the Homepage.

create experiment

After the click you will be directed to a new page where you can choose if you want to start a blank new experiment or use a personal or public template.

create experiment

When the new experiment is created it will automatically have a KI-unique number.

Your name and the date and time will also be added to it.

create experiment

In “Title” you name your experiment and in “Project” you chose the project/projects that the experiment belongs to.

If the project that the experiment belongs to is new, it might not automatically pop up in the project menu as the menu is set on “Recent” as default.

Click on “All” and your project should appear. If it is still missing, there is something wrong with your project rights and you should ask your superuser to fix it for you.

To see how you can start a new experiment in ELN, check the video: