KI ELN maintenance

KI ELN is run by the central IT department in accordance with KI requirements for IT security. Regular backups, as often as once every hour, are set up for the KI ELN servers.

We are continuously removing inactive ELN licenses.

ELN accounts of users that have not logged into ELN for more than 1.5 years are closed.

All experiments are saved into the database and no information is lost.

The group leader and the group members that have access to the projects under which the inactive users have saved their experiments will still be able to access the experiments of the users that are removed.

To carry out maintenance of the servers and other components, or when necessary to upgrade the system, a maintenance window has been scheduled for Thursdays between 7 pm - 10 pm.

Before any major maintenance and upgrades all KI ELN users will be notified by email. Information will be also posted on this page.

If an upgrade fails, we have to revert to the earlier version of the software. Content and edits created in between the upgrade and the reversion may be lost. You are therefore requested to not use KI ELN during the maintenance window when notified of an upgrade.

Upgrade to version 2024

KI ELN was upgraded to version 2024 on 2024-06-02

The new upgrade has increased stability, fixes previous defects and includes new features such as:

  • the possibility for superusers to view the ELN groups they administrate inside ELN by clicking on the Cogwheel – Administration – Groups. If you are a superuser, you will no longer need to log in to ELNAdminWeb and instead you can view/administrate users, projects, experiment types, lookups and groups in ELN by clicking on the Cogwheel – Administration.
  • the possibility to export the audit trail of an experiment as an Excel document.
  • the possibility to select multiple projects and list the experiments associated with these projects from the My Projects and All Projects list.
  • the possibility to rename existing ELN groups. If you are a group leader and the name of your ELN group is not up to date (you can view the group name by clicking on “Cogwheel – Administration – Groups”) you can contact to request the change of the name of your ELN group. For groups from BIONUT that will move to MEDH we will automatically update the group names and group leaders do not need to contact us.

Please note that if you are using a PC, you will have to install version 2024 of the Biovia Desktop Connector after the upgrade Biovia Desktop Connector is needed for pasting text within ELN and for uploading Microsoft Office documents. For detailed instructions please look at the BIOVIA desktop connector section at and video 2_2 at .For problems regarding the Biovia desktop connector please contact

If after the upgrade the home age is stuck on "Loading" you need to clear the cache in your browser.

On the following link you will find instructions on how to clear the cache in various browsers:

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