KI ELN Help and support

Here you find information on the resources available for KI ELN help and support


Check the ELN FAQs on ELN · KI Self Service


The first line support lies with the superuser in each group. The superuser should be able to answer basic questions and to introduce new users into the system.


Contact IT support at if:

  • you need help with installing the right versions of programs that are compatible with KI-ELN
  • you have problems with VPN
  • have technical issues with KI-ELN (for example with the Biovia desktop connector)
  • you want to add/remove users and superusers. 


Contact: if:

  • you have specific problems with functions within ELN
  • you need help for performing a specific task within ELN
  • you have general ELN questions
  • you have gone through the ELN demo films but you still have questions on ELN
  • you need to arrange an ELN workshop for a division or department or a research group
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