ELN demo videos

We have recorded a demonstration of ELN that we have divided in 9 thematic parts, each consisting of one or more videos.

You can watch all videos for a complete demonstration of ELN or individual videos if you want to learn more about a specific topic.

If you have any questions after watching the videos please contact elnkoordinator@ki.se

Part 1: Introduction to ELN (5 videos, 19min)

  • What ELN is
  • How it should be used
  • How it is structured
  • What an ELN superuser can do
  • What you need to do in order to access ELN
  • ELNs technical requirements


Video 1_1 What is ELN?

Video 1_2 How ELN is structured

Video 1_3 What to save in ELN

Video 1_4 How to access ELN

Video 1_5 ELN technical requirements

Part 2: Superuser (4 videos, 22min)

  • How to create new projects
  • What the different signature options mean
  • How to change the permissions of project members
  • How to add/remove project members
  • How to close projects
  • How to create experiment types
  • How to create lookups

Video 2_1 Project creation and signature options

Video 2_2 Change permissions, add/remove users, close projects

Video 2_3 Create experiment types

Video 2_4 Create lookups

Part 3:Home page overview, Biovia desktop connector, search function (3 videos, 19min)

  • Navigation through the menus on the homepage
  • User profile
  • Biovia desktop connector installation and troubleshooting
  • Performing searches and viewing search results

Video 3_1 Homepage overview

Video 3_2 Biovia desktop connector

Video 3_3 Search in experiments

Part 4: How to create an experiment (1 video, 4min)

Video 4_1 Create an experiment

Part 5: How to add content to an experiment (13 videos, 29min)

  • General information about sections
  • Body text section
  • Text field section
  • Image section
  • Microsoft Word section
  • Microsoft Excel section
  • Microsoft Powerpoint section
  • PDF section
  • File attachment section
  • Date section
  • Chemical sketch section
  • Chemical reaction section
  • Biological sequence section
  • SnapGene section
  • Project section
  • Related experiments section
  • Experiment type section
  • Lookup section

Video 5_1 General information about sections

Video 5_2 Body text section and text field section

Video 5_3 Image section

Video 5_4 Microsoft Word section

Video 5_5 Microsoft Excel section

Video 5_6 Microsoft Powerpoint section

Video 5_7 PDF section

Video 5_8 File attachment section

Video 5_9 Date section

Video 5_10 Chemical sketch section and chemical reaction section

Video 5_11 Biological sequence section

Video 5_12 SnapGene section

Video 5_13 Project section, Related experiments section, experiment type section and lookup section

Part 6: How to manage experiment sections (1 video, 6min)

  • Rearrange sections
  • Cut, copy and paste sections
  • Delete sections
  • Save sections
  • View section properties
  • View section history and revert to previous version

Video 6_1 Manage experiment sections

Part 7: How to submit, sign and co-sign experiments (1 video, 12min)

  • Lock sections
  • Submit experiments with author signature
  • Submit experiments for co-signature
  • Errata section
  • Add content to submitted experiments and resubmit
  • Co-sign experiments

Video 7_1 Lock sections, submit, sign, errata section

Part 8: Experiment tools (5 videos, 20min)

  • Clone experiments
  • Save experiments as templates
  • Export experiments as PDF or Word
  • View the audit trail
  • Add collaborators
  • Create experiment types
  • Create lookups


Video 8_1 Save experiment as PDF, as Word, as template, as a clone

Video 8_2 Audit trail

Video 8_3 Collaborators

Video 8_4 Experiment types

Video 8_5 Lookups

Part 9: Templates (1 video, 8min)

  • What is a template
  • How to create templates from scratch
  • How to create templates from an experiment
  • User-defined reference
  • How to make template sections mandatory, fixed or read-only
  • Where to find templates within ELN
  • How to create experiments from templates

Video 9_1 Templates