Technical requirements


KI ELN is available via KI's internal networks KI Access and KI Staff.

If your computer is outside of KI's network you need to login via VPN (Virtual Private Network) or Always_on_VPN to access KI ELN.

VPN is not available for KI students. 


BIOVIA desktop connector

The desktop connector enables Microsoft Word and Excel functionality in KI ELN.

To install and enable the desktop connector, please follow the instructions below:

 PC and self-managed Mac

  • Log in to
  • Go to profile > Desktop connector
  • Press “Download installer”
  • Run installer 
  • Press “Connect this browser”, accept connection
  • Restart computer

Mac managed by IT

  • Start Self Service
  • Choose “Plugins”, alternatively search for “Desktop Connector ELN”
  • Press “Install”
  • Restart your computer and ELN
  • When asked ”Do you want to trust the website to use the Biovia Plugin plug-in?”, accept

If you need help installing the BIOVIA desktop connector please contact

If you are having Biovia desktop connector-related issues (problems copying/pasting or uploading Excel/Word/chemical sketch-reactions), you can try the following troubleshooting instructions for PC or Mac.

Compatible operating systems and software

The following operating systems, web browsers, and software are compatible with the current BIOVIA Notebook installation:

Check the information above before upgrading your computer.

If using a Mac, we recommend that you turn off automatic software upgrades.


Biovia Draw

Biovia Draw for PC is available for download from the Software Center.


PDF display

In order to display PDF documents properly on KI ELN you must either use a browser with a built-in PDF viewer or install the Adobe Reader plugin.


Windows client

The previous Windows desktop client has now been replaced by a web client.

A tutorial video explains the differences between the Windows client and the web client.