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Media relations and news

As a public university, Karolinska Institutet has both an obligation and a wish to inform the outside world about our research and education. Contacts with journalists are an important part of this work, but equally important is our own news channals for exampel at Here we present useful information about press releases, news articles, and media contacts when you work at KI.

High workload due to COVID-19

Right now, the Communications Office at KI needs to focus on internal and external communication about the COVID-19 outbreak. We kindly ask for your understanding that we may have to refer you to the department web editors to get help with posting news articles about scientific studies at the KI website, and that online publication could be delayed.

Also keep in mind that the Press Office phone-line and email account are very busy at this moment. If you are a researcher with expert knowledge in virology or other topics related to the COVID-19 outbreak and are interested in helping out answering questions from journalists, please let us know: