Assessment, bias and career

To maintain and strengthen KI's position as a leading medical university, we need outstanding employees and students. We need students and employees to develop and thrive at KI and be able to contribute to KI's development regardless of gender, gender identity or expression, ethnicity, religion, or other belief, function variation, sexuality or age.

Today most professors are men, and gender differences exist in the distribution of internal funds. The university is commissioned by the Swedish government to ensure that 60 percent of all newly recruited professors 2017-2019, are women, promoted professors and visiting professors included but not adjunct professors.

In order to achieve this, KI works strategically with recruitment and assessment processes from a gender perspective that takes also takes other grounds of discrimination into account. KI is continuously working to improve it’s faculty recruitment and retention. Allocation of funds and internal resources is also followed up from a gender equality perspective that takes into account different grounds of discrimination to eliminate any unconscious bias.

Educational films

Here are three films illustrating what you can do to counter unconscius bias in recruitment, and assessment processes:

Unconscious Bias and What to Do About It in the Search and Recruitment Process

Recruitment Bias in Research Institutes

About avoiding gender bias in recruiting researchers

Test your unconscious bias

Are you biased? Make an unconscious bias test.

Course:  Bias in Assessment

The course deals with biases in our assessments and how we can avoid them.

Go to the course: Bias in assessment

The same course in Swedish

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