An introduction to Neo

Neo is a hub for basic and clinical research as well as education - a living venue for research, aimed at being a creative and open environment that enables meetings, synergies, and exploration of areas of mutual interest across disciplines. The researchers active here belong to six different departments at KI. Neo is situated at Campus Flemingsberg.

Short facts about Neo

Start of construction: 2013
Move-in date: 2018
Activity: Experimental research in an advanced laboratory environment
Location: Campus Flemingsberg, adjacent to the Karolinska University Hospital entrance
Area: 15,000 sq.m. in total
Laboratories: 5,000 sq.m.
Developer/Landlord: TKV Fastighets AB/Hemsö+SveaNord
Architect: Tengbom
Interior Architect: LINK arkitektur
General contractor: Veidekke

Departments present in Neo

Inside research buildning Neo


Flemingsberg is the eighth largest campus in Sweden with more than 18,000 students (2019). It's a dynamic and multidisciplinary campus where you, apart from Karolinska Institutet also find the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH), Södertörn University, the Swedish Red Cross University Hospital and the University College of Music Education in Stockholm.

Flemingsberg Science is a foundation who maintains collaboration for research and innovation in Flemingsberg together with the different academia, business and the wider community.