Guide to the application for ethics review

Compliance & Data Office has drafted a “Guide to the application for ethics review” which has a KI perspective and provides additional information and support for researchers when they apply for ethical review in the Swedish Ethical Review Authority’s application portal Ethix.

Some examples covered in the guide are:

  • How to reason when choosing responsible research principal (ansvarig forskningshuvudman).
  • How to describe the research if one’s research project has several participating research principals (medverkande forskningshuvudmän).
  • What is important when you receive or send samples and/or personal data within and outside the EU/EEA area.
  • Which parts of the research that needs to be ethically reviewed if you will analyze research data that is collected abroad.
  • How to reason around management, storage, and long-term storage for research data.
  • If you will use blood samples from a blood bank.
  • What the difference is between pseudonymized and anonymized personal data.

The guide also gives examples of different types of research and general information about ethical application and ethical review.



Compliance & Data Office

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