Fundraising and donation management support for KI’s researchers and departments

Do you need professional advice and support in your fundraising work and management of donations? On this page you can find resources, tips, regulations as well as information on how KI’s Development Office can support you.

Collaborations for scientific breakthroughs

Karolinska Institutet has found that there is profound interest in and commitment to our research among private individuals, businesses, and organisations who wish to improve opportunities for new scientific breakthroughs by making financial gifts. The generous support of our benefactors enhances the ability of Karolinska Institutet to attain its vision of advancing knowledge about life and striving towards better health for all.

Development Office goal

Karolinska Institutet’s Development Office (DO) provides university management and researchers with qualified support in the initiation and long-term development of relationships with private individuals, foundations, and companies, both nationally and internationally.

DO's overall goal is to increase funding for the university from the private sector through active fundraising and professional donation management.

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Rules and regulations

The current rules and regulations regarding donations define the legal and ethical basis for Karolinska Institutet’s cooperation with benefactors and are intended to ensure that the interests and integrity of the parties involved, Karolinska Institutet and benefactors, are safeguarded.

In KI's delegation rules you can read more about which university leadership functions are responsible for approving and signing donation and sponsorship agreements.

Donations worth between SEK 100,000 and SEK 1,000,000 must be co-signed by the head of unit at the Development Office as well as the head of department. These donations are normally handled at the department level (contact the Development Office for support). Donations over SEK 1,000,000 must be signed by the university director and managed by DO. Gifts and donations over SEK 10M must be signed by the university president.

More information on KI’s donation and gift policies

Deed of gift

A deed of gift must be written and submitted to the university registrar for all donations over SEK 25,000. Development officers are glad to sign deeds for gifts less than SEK 100,000; a DO officer must be informed of and sign deeds for donations over SEK 100,000.

Payment alternatives – how to receive a donation

There are several ways for donors to give a gift to Karolinska Institutet.

For payments via SWISH, KI’s central SWISH number, 123 202 32 08, must be used. In these cases, the donor should include the research group’s name and departmental code so that the payment is directed to the correct account.   

For donations less than SEK 100,000, the donor may also use one of the payment methods on the Development Office webpage, which can, for example, facilitate payments from abroad.

For larger donations please ude KI:S bank account 5310-6217. Please notice that is is important that only this account is used, not any account belonging to the department. The donation is then immediately transfered to the correct project in the department. 

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DO also provides assistance with sponsorship. The Development Office’s sponsorship templates, developed by KI’s legal team, must often be adapted to suit specific situations, and must be approved by lawyers for both parties. Contact the Development Office for templates and assistance.

Reporting requirements

Most deeds of gift specify requirements for reporting back to the donor details regarding how the gift was used.  Development Office staff would be glad to provide advice and assistance on different ways of fulfilling these requirements.

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