Credit cards

There are two types of debit cards: cards with personal payment authority and company cards. Almost all cards at KI have personal payment authority.

Cards with personal payment authority

If you pay with your card, an invoice will be sent to your home address on a monthly basis. You pay the invoice, claim expenses and will be reimbursed along with your salary.

Apply for a card with personal payment authority

Apply for card

In case you don’t have BankID to authorize yourself, you can print the form and send a signed copy to Frisvar, Eurocard 20081118, 839 30 Östersund.

If you already hold a card

In order to be reimbursed you have to enclose the original receipts including VAT.

For transaction outside of Sweden, please enclose a copy of the invoice stating the exchange rate.

You have to claim your expenses

  • continuously, shortly after the expense has been made
  • in the same year

The card can be used for personal purchases.

Claim your expenses in Primula

Register for e-invoice

In order to be able to hold a debit card at KI, you need to register for e-invoice.

  1. Log in to your regular online banking
  2. Search for "Register e-invoice"
  3. Choose Eurocard
  4. Choose "Register"

Specify your contract number (Avtalsnummer), which you can find on the top of your paper invoice under your invoice number, in the Eurocard app or by contacting the Eurocard customer service at 08-14 67 37.

Terminate your card

If you want to terminate your card, please send an e-mail to

Corporate credit cards

Corporate credit cards where KI is financially viable should be used to a limited extent, and only issued to employees where such cards are essential to their work. Generally, this applies to the following: Head of Administration (AC), Head of Department (Prefekt), Administrator at a research group and University Management. If a company payment card is required by an employee not applying to the general rules, a request should be made, by the Head of Department or Head of Administration, to the Head of Finance Office.

The cardholder is personally responsible for all orders and purchases made with the card. The card will be retracted if used for personal purchases. All payments have to be clearly traceable in order to establish that payments are in accordance with KI's rules. More information can be found at Karolinska Institutet's Rules for corporate credit cards where Karolinska Institutet has payment liability.

Apply for card

Apply for a company card by sending an e-mail, with the Head of the Department's or the Head of Administration's approval, to Please state which department will be responsible for the card.


In case you have any questions please contact Eurocard at +46 8 14 67 37, weekdays from 08.30 AM until 5.00 PM. You can also send an e-mail to

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