Payment of funds for position as Assistant Professor

As of 2019, the Faculty Board has announced funding for employment as an Assistant Professor. After the recruitment process has been completed and the decision on allocation from the Faculty Board, it is possible for the departments to agree on employment with those who have been allocated funds, and then requisition the funds from the University administration.

Since 2019, the Faculty Board has announced positions as Assistant professor in Medical science (Medicine, Care sciences and Health) at one of Karolinska Institutet's departments. Applicants who are offered the opportunity for employment after the recruitment process through the call are expected to have a dialogue about employment and conditions with one or more relevant institutions at Karolinska Institutet. When the department has decided on employment, the funds for the employment can be requisitioned.

The receiving department is allocated a framework amount of SEK 1,000,000 per year for a maximum of six years. These funds refer to employment and are to be used as salary funds and for salary costs related to the employment. In addition, a start-up grant is paid for research to applicants who have been granted a position as Assistant professor through the announcement. The grant is a one time payment of SEK 1,000,000.

Conditions regarding payment of funding

In December 2019, it was decided on new terms for payment of funds from the Faculty Board and they apply to employment as Assistant professor and Researcher as well as Consolidator grants for those who have been awarded funds starting from 2019. To read the terms in full, visit the Terms of Payment page.

In short, the new conditions mean the following:

  • It is only possible to obtain and receive funds for an employment financed by faculty funds. The funds should be used for own salary.
  • The total period of employment as Assistant professor at KI is limited to the maximum of six years, which means that a caltulation regarding deduction of time and allocated funds corresponding to an eventual previous employment needs to be made for a new employment as Assistant professor. Contact the responsible administrator at the University administration for help with calculation.
  • The starting date for the appointment shall be no later than twelve months after the decision regarding the funding.
  • The funding may be used one additional year after the payment period has ended. Exception may be granted if there are special reasons.
  • If not all funds are used for own salary during the period to which the grant relates, the remaining funds can be used for salary costs for own salary after the current grant period if the department decides on an extension or new employment, and if the main work task is research. The department is responsible for the money being disposed of in accordance with these regulations even after the initial grant period.
  • In case there are changes in the scope of employment for a person who has been granted funding, the receiving department is responsible for informing the Administrative officer in charge at the University Administration.
  • Assistant professors that receive a start-up grant for research from the Faculty board is expected to use the funding for research related costs, and it is not to be used for own salary or scholarships.
  • Funds that have not been used should be repaid to the Faculty Board after the time frame of disposal has expired.


Appendices to the requisition form

In order for a payment to be granted, an employment contract must be sent in with the requisition form (in Swedish), which must be valid for the entire period to which the payment relates. The decision regarding employment from the Head of department should also be attached.

If the person is clinically active in the Stockholm Region, an employment certificate is sent in, as well as a certificate from the relevant manager. The certificate must state the extent to which the person may engage in research. A certificate from the relevant Head of department that states that the person in question has been active at KI, and to what extent, must also be attached.


After the first requisition has been received, the remaining months are paid out to the department via the resource distribution (twelfths).

For all requisitions received by the University administration during the period 1 January - 30 June, a full-year amount is paid for the current calendar year (certain exceptions may exist).

For all requisitions received by the University administration during the period 1 July - 31 December, no payment is normally made this year, but payment is instead made via the resource distribution during the next calendar year.

Start-up grants for research are paid in connection with the first payment.

How to fill in the form 

The upper part of the form is filled in by staff at the department.

Requisition refers to: Choose type of funding - Biträdande lektor

Department: The name of the department where the emplyment is placed

Funding refers to: Name of the person who has been granted with funding, time period and extent of employment.

Project: Enter the project the funds will be paid to.

Verification text: Write institutional title, name of applicant and type of funding (eg C1, Lisa Nilsson, bitr. lektor).

Department reference: This is the name of the responsible person at the department.

Start-up grants for research are paid to the same project as the salary funds, unless otherwise stated.

The form, including appendices, is to be sent via e-mail in Word format to the responsible administrator at the University Administration, who fills in the lower part of the form and forwards the documents to the Finance department at the University Administration for payment.

The department will be informed after the requisition has been handled. 

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