How do I become an IDAC administrator?

It is the AC (Administrative Manager) of the institution who appoints the IDAC administrator at the institution. Once you have been appointed, you need to undergo e-training to gain access to the system. When you have completed e-training, you must request the authorization via the IDAC system, see point 2 below.

There are two parts that are included when a new person needs access to IDAC.

1. E-learning

  • E-Learning: Log in to Canvas go under the menu: Courses--> All Courses-->Browse more courses  and search for "IDAC for Administrators 2022" or click here . The training ends with a quiz. You have the opportunity to the test several times.Once you get them all right, move on to step 2

2. Approval of AC via the IDAC system

Before applying for the role, complete the CANVAS training with quizzes. (all right to be eligible)

Log in to the IDAC portal, link

In the IDAC portal, you choose:

Services → Request access → search for correct role: IDAC-Administrator INSTKOD where INSTKOD stands for Institution Name abbreviation. For example: IDAC-Administrator BioNut.

PLEASE NOTE that the role IDAC-Administrator INSTKOD Reset Password only gives permission to change passwords and for this you do not need to attend training!


Specify a reason when you request this, e.g. that you will work as an IDAC administrator and the date of the training. Once this is done, the request will go to the immediate supervisor and then to the AC for approval.

Instructional videos

Complementary instructional videos are available on KI Play.
To access the instructional videos, you must first log in to KI Play before you can follow the links.
Log in to KI Play here 

In KI play you will find your own channel (called Channels): IDAC instructional videos

If you are a manager, click on the "manager" tag to find the videos that are relevant to you.

Teacher-led courses

Courses in IDAC for those who want to immerse themselves in the system and get help, see the KI calendar. The courses will complement the instructional videos. You don't need any prior knowledge apart from basic Windows knowledge. Computers are available on site. If you want, you can bring your own computer, but it is not a must.

There are currently no opportunities due to Covid-19

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