Managing permissions in IDAC

For a number of systems used at KI, you can manage and apply for permissions directly in IDAC. On this page you will find guidance for this and can access the guide material that is published for help.

Which system permissions are handled in IDAC?

For the systems and resources listed below, all permissions are handled in IDAC. This means that you as an employee must apply for access to the resource from IDAC and its owner must manage permissions and requests in IDAC.

  • Project folders - from December 2023, permissions for project folders (P:) are handled in IDAC.
  • RIMS.
  • Pythagoras.
  • FUBAS.
  • HR archive.

How to apply for permission

As an employee, you request permission to the above resources or systems by logging in to IDAC. A step-by-step guide in text form can be found on KI Self Service

Video guide: apply for permission to access project folder

Resource owner - this is what you can manage

As a resource owner for a certain resource will receive an email from IDAC to approve or reject requests that have been submitted by other employees (video 1)

As a resource owner, you can also get information about which individuals who have or have had access to your resource (video 2)

You can remove the permissions for existing members - it takes a day for the change to take effect (video 3).

You can also add or remove resource owners/Co-owners in your project folder. All resource owners, including the new ones, receive a confirmation email about the changed ownership (video 4).

Approve or reject requests

Which people have or have had access to the resource?

Remove permissions to project folder

Co-owner to project folder or other resource

Ordering project folders

If you want to order a new project folder, you create a case on KI Self Service, and attach the form below. Deletion of project folders can only be done by the resource owner, and this is also done by creating a case on KI Self Service.

Order form (Swedish)

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