Refer your phone calls

You can easily refer your phone in the Telia Touchpoint Plus app on your mobile phone. If you have referred your phone to voicemail, you can also listen to your messages directly in the app or by calling the voicemail.

Referral in the Telia Touchpoint Plus app

If you have a fixed phone connection (MEX) at KI, the mobile app allows you to listen to your voicemail, refer and mute your incoming calls, synchronise your phone with your calendar and much more.

To activate the app

If this is your first time using the app, you need to activate the connection to your phone number. Do this by following the instructions from Telia:

Install TouchPoint Plus on Android

Install TouchPoint Plus on iPhone

When you activate the app and are asked to fill in your phone number, enter your mobile phone number (+467XXXXXXXXXX). You will receive a text message with an activation code which you enter into the next field.

Get started with referrals through Touchpoint

Your voicemail

You can reach your voicemail directly from the TPP app. You can also dial 989. From abroad or external phones, call +468 524 864 99.

Keep in mind that you should record a personalised greeting so that the caller is sure they have reached the right person before leaving a message. To do this, dial 989 and follow the instructions:

  • press 5,
  • record your phrase,
  • press 0,
  • hang up.

Guides: all functions in Touchpoint Plus

The Telia user guides introduce all the functions available in the app. You will also find a series of instructional videos from Telia collected on this page.

Telia quickstart guide: Touchpoint Plus

Contact if issues

Have you got issues that you can not solve with the help of the quickstart guides provided? Then contact Helpdesk.