Your phone

Information about your physical phone, such as how to report it lost or stolen, and what to do when you leave KI and need to return your phone to your department.

Lost or stolen mobile phone

If your mobile phone gets stolen or is lost, follow the instructions below.

During Office hours (Swedish time 8.00-16.30) from Sweden and from abroad

Contact your Telephony administrator for assistance with:

  • Locking SIM-card, and to obtain a new SIM-card.
  • Making a police report.
  • Locking the telephone. Diary number from police report is needed.
  • Ordering a new phone if it’s necessary.

If the Telephony administrator is not available:

  1. Make a police report at
  2. Contact Helpdesk (Phone 08-524 822 22) for help with locking the SIM-card and the phone, and to obtain a new SIM-card. Diary number from police report is needed

After office hours, from Sweden or abroad

  1. Make a police report at
  2. Contact Helpdesk and create a case for help with locking the SIM-card and the phone, and to obtain a new SIM-card. Diary number from police report is needed
  • After office hours locking of SIM-card and telephone will be completed during the first following working day.
  • When blocking a SIM-card (without dispatch of a new card) you will be able to reset the lock if you find your phone again.
  • When blocking a SIM-card (and receiving a new card) you will not be able to reset the lock.
  • IMEI number is required to be able to make a police report.
  • Write down and save the IMEI number of your phone. You can find your IMEI number in one of the following ways:
  1. On the package of your phone.
  2. By entering *#06# on the keypad of your phone.
  3. On an iPhone you can find the IMEI number under settings > general > about phone > IMEI.

Cancel your phone subscription

If you end your employment at KI and need to cancel your subscription, contact the Telephony administrator at your department.

Reporting problems

General issues

If you have questions or issues with your phone services, turn to the Telephony administrator at your department. They'll be able to, for example:

  • Order new phones.
  • Make error reports oh phones and connections.
  • Change details on your connection.

When reporting problems

Please be as specific as possible when you describe the telephony problem with your telephony administrator. Always state your name, extension, type of telephone, room number and if applicable, your socket number. It will be easier for your telephony administrator to make an error report if he or she has all necessary information in advance.

If you cannot get hold of your telephony administrator, you can create a new ticket at KI IT Selfservice with the information above.

Service for mobile phones

For service for mobile phones purchased in Wisum, please use the following links:

  • Tele2 Business
  • Atea: Log in to Wisum, Aktuellt > Garantier, returer och service. You will find Atea in the list of suppliers.


Contact your telephony administrator to order phones or related products. See available telephones and products by logging in to the Wisum.

IP telephony

Order IP telephones

For any IP-order, please contact the telephony administrator at your department.

An IP telephone is basically a normal phone, but it works via internet instead of the phone network. Therefore, IP telephones can't be used as emergency telephones during power failure.

Instructions for IP telephones

When you plug in an IP phone for the first time, it may take up to 5 minutes or more for the service to be connected.

How to log in

Model 6863i

  • Plug in the phone and the software will be downloaded automatically. It may take up to 5 minutes or longer.
  • To log in, type in your number when the screen shows "User". Confirm by pressing the "down" button on navigation keys.
  • To change the extension number, you must log out by entering: # 11 # ok (navigation key)
  • To log in again, enter: * 11 * extension no # ok (navigation key).

Quick reference guide 6263i

Note for all IP phones! We recommend to not log out of your phone. In case somebody calls you when you are logged out, they will get the impression they've dialed an invalid number. If you don't want to receive any calls you can redirect your phone instead.

Transfer your IP connection

Contact the telephony administrator at your department for both permanent and temporary transfer.

To rooms without an IP phone

Contact your telephony administrator. Have your socket and room number available.

For Biomedicum and Neo, all sockets are activate for IP telephony.