About your telephone subscription

Here you will find information about the various phone subscriptions at KI, how to control your data limits and more.

Types of subscriptions

The most common subscription is a mobile extension. There are also subscriptions for desktop phones. Processing time when ordering a new subscription/extension is up to 5 days.

Mobile extension

A mobile extension is KI's standard subscription. You have both a landline number (08-524 xxxxx) and a mobile number (07x-xxxxxxx) and are included in KI's switchboard system.


You can refer your landline number, when being in meetings or on vacation. Your landline number also has a voicemail. It is recommended to give this number to external contacts like, students, suppliers, etcetera.

Your mobile number can always be called, even when you have referred your phone. You can give this number to family or friends.

Displayed number

You can choose which number is displayed when you make a call:

  • landline
  • mobile number
  • hidden number
  • main number (switchboard number)
  • response group number (if you are a member of one).

Your short number will not be displayed, but you can still dial short numbers, the last five digits of colleagues' landline numbers, such as 08-524 12345.


The subscription includes:

  • Calls within Sweden/EU/EEA and calls from Sweden/EU/EEA to other countries. All new subscriptions are by default closed for calls abroad. Contact your telephony administrator if you need to make calls abroad.
  • Unlimited number of SMS and MMS within Sweden/EU/EEA and from Sweden/EU/EEA to other countries.
  • Data volume (10 GB, 50 GB, 100 GB, 200 GB, 1000 GB, 5000 GB), you can purchase extra temporary data via SMS if you have used your data. Contact your telephony administrator to do so.

It is possible to add three additional data SIM cards. This SIM card shares the main extension's data volume. Additional price per month: 50 SEK.

Support for e-sim in smartwatches

Telia supports e-sim for the followin smartwatch models:

  • Apple Watch Series 3, 4, 5, 6 and SE.
  • Samsung Galaxy Watch and Galaxy Watch 3, 4, and 5.

Use these guides from Telia to connect the subscription to your watch - note that you do not need to create a Telia My Business account.

Guide to activate e-sim on Apple Watch

Guide to activate e-sim on Samsung Galaxy Watch

Fixed extensions

Fixed extensions is used for public spaces, where there is no coverage or where a desktop phone is a better fit (such as a lab). The number is included in KI's switchboard system.


A fixed extension has a landline number (08-524 xxxxx) that you can refer and which has a voicemail.


The subscription includes:

  • Calls within Sweden and calls abroad. Abroad calls are blocked by default, so contact your telephony administrator if you need to make calls abroad.
  • The phone is borrowed from the IT Office. In case of termination or switching to a mobile extension, you return the phone back to the IT Office.

Mobile broadband

Mobile broadband can be used when you need separate data volumes for a router or PC, for example. As an alternative to mobile broadband, you can also use the internet sharing feature on your smartphone.

Available data volumes: 10 GB, 50 GB, 200 GB, 1000 GB and 5000 GB.

You can buy extra temporary data via SMS if you have used up your data volume, which you can use during the current and following month. You can use your mobile broadband abroad.

For M2M applications you can add a fixed IP address.

Other subscription types

Virtual extension

A virtual extension is an extension that does not have a physical telephone but only a number. Virtual connections are used for special solutions such as call lists and emergency numbers.

Response group admin/ Contact center admin

Contact centers are used, for example, for the Helpdesk and the library. Answer groups are used for other telephone queues, for example Admissions at KI.


A connection in the switchboad system that you use on your computer.

Group number

The easiest way to distribute calls between different people.

Response groups - simple and advanced

Managed via a mobile app. 


Without data or with 1GB/10GB data. For communication between technical equipment.

Number subscription

A regular number in the telecommunications network.


A number that is free to call.

Check your data limit

You can see how much data you have left this month by texting "surf quantity" to 4466.

Mobile usage abroad

Bringing your mobile phone with you abroad at your own risk. It can be very expensive if you don't shut off all automatic updates and synchronizations in the phone before travelling. Check before travelling that data roaming is inactivated. 

The inactivation setting is found under "Wireless and network" and "Mobile networks". "Connect to data services when roaming" should be unchecked. A tip is to purchase a local pre-paid card when abroad for longer periods. That way you have complete control over the costs.

Roaming within EU/EES

  • Staff with a mobile extension can call, text and use the internet (if the subscription is not blocked for roaming, which is the default setting) for the same price as in Sweden. Mobile Broadband subscriptions are not included.
  • Check with your telephony administrator at your institution which policy you have. The telephone administrator must release your block at the operator (Telia) if your department has allowed roaming when abroad.

Note! When the roaming block is removed, you will be able to use mobile broadband anywhere in the world. Please be aware of that and be careful when surfing outside of EU/EES countries, as that might be very expensive.

Orders and price list

To order a subscription or purchase more data, contact the telephone administrator at your department.

Current price list (Swedish)