Telephony at KI

Telephony is one of the most important services at KI, connecting people in the entire organisation with one another but also a contact route to quickly and securely reach the right expertise. It is therefore important that all employees maintain a level of service that meets both internal and external requirements on availability.

The IT Office

The IT Office is responsible for Karolinska Institutet’s telephony services and manages agreements, contact with suppliers and administrative service.


Standard subscription:

  • Mobile extensions is our recommended and most beneficial standard subscription.
  • A fixed IP connection is offered when a land line is required, in laboratories or reception areas, for example.

For employees

As an employee, you are responsible for your phone and having it turned on during working hours.

  • Be sure to activate referrals when you cannot answer.
  • Be sure to always have your voicemail activated (within Sweden).
  • When you provide your contact information, refer your land line KI extension (08-524 8xx xx number), not your mobile number.
  • Be sure to reset and delete your mobile phone settings when you leave you employment at KI. Then return it to your immediate manager together with any passwords and passcodes.

Recommendations to staff

  • Check your voicemail as soon as possible and get back to the person who left a message.
  • Inform the telephony administrator at your department when a change occurs, such as a change of division/department and/or work assignments.
  • Use and keep your phone securely so that unauthorised personnel cannot access your information.
  • If the phone is lost or stolen:
  1. First contact the telephony administrator at your department to lock the SIM card and get a new one. If the telephony administrator is not available, contact Helpdesk (by creating a support case or call (+46) 08-524 822 22)
  2. File a police report. You need to provide your IMEI number to be able to file a police report. You will find this number on the box from your phone. Then send the police’s reference number and the phone’s IMEI number to Helpdesk and the phone will also be locked as stolen. Helpdesk can also assist you with disconnecting your e-mail account from the phone.

NOTE: In the event of repeated negligence with the phone, the employee may have to pay for repairs/a new phone.

For managers

As a manager, you are responsible for ensuring that:

  • The university’s procured telephony provider is used.
  • Phones with accessories are purchased through the purchasing portal Wisum.
  • The approved guidelines are applied.
  • Equipment that is no longer used is handled in accordance with Karolinska Institutet's environmental policy.

For telephony administrators

As a telephony adminstrator, you are responsible for:

  • Being the information channel between your own department and the IT Office regarding telephony.
  • Ordering/changing/terminating/reporting problems with phone subscriptions and phone services to the IT Office.
  • Regularly going through lists of active subscriptions and users and reporting changes so that the switchboard operators’ referral system is as updated as possible.
  • Contacting Telia yourself in matters that concern locking SIM cards and locking stolen subscriptions/phones.


  • A screen lock must be activated on your phone (pin code, pattern or password). Don’t use simple codes like 0000, 1234, etc. for pin codes.
  • The settings should be configured so that the unit is locked after a short period of inactivity.
  • Software may only be installed from trusted sources, such as the App Store or Google Play.
  • The phone must be kept updated with the latest software from the manufacturer. When the manufacturer stops providing updates, the phone should be replaced within six months.

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Phone subscriptions

Recommendations about phone services

  • Make it a habit to always have Karolinska Institutet’s WiFi, e.g. Eduroam, activated on the phone.
  • It’s always more economical to use WiFi when it’s used before the operator’s mobile data services.
  • When your monthly mobile data limit is reached, only order more mobile data by SMS in urgent cases as it costs much more. Contact the telephony administrator at your department when in need of a higher data limit per month.
  • If needed, use the teleconference function in TouchPoint Plus.

Recommendations about phone services abroad

  • If you need to use your mobile phone abroad, check that your subscription is open for roaming. Contact your telephony administrator at your department.
  • Use WiFi instead of mobile data when possible. Eduroam is available at many universities in Sweden and other parts of the world. WiFi is also available at most hotels.
  • Turn off data roaming if possible. If you need to have it on, turn off automatic synchronisation of e-mail and apps.
  • Think about whether you need to have voicemail activated when you travel abroad. If you want it activated, preferably check it over the TPP app over calling it. Don’t forget to set up a referral before travelling.
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