Switchboard and operator

At KI, we have an external answering service and telephone operators who handle incoming calls on our switchboard. Here we describe how you can adjust the search words the switchboard operators can access.

Telephone operator.
Telefonist. Foto: Getty Images

Who operates the switchboard?

From 7 June 2023, the service is provided by Coor. Coor is now responsible for managing the data that can be used to find the correct recipient of incoming calls. This may involve:

  • Keywords - such as keyhole surgery, student counsellor, press secretary.
  • Phonetics - alternative spellings of first and last names.
  • Information for operators - such as working hours.

If you receive calls that are not intended for you, it may be because one or more of your keywords do not reflect your position at KI. In that case, contact Coor with a proposal for correction by sending an e-mail to OrderTelefoniKI@coor.com.

Telephone operators may also try to reach you to confirm what information or keywords they have for your particular connection - all to make call forwarding as accurate as possible.

Coor then calls from a number based in Borlänge, or via an email address ending with @coor.com.

Automatic connection between systems

A connection between IKAT/Primula and the switchboard system will be introduced later this autumn. With this, all additional information, such as surname, visiting address and title, will be corrected automatically.

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