Teaching Portfolio

This page contains instructions on how to use KI RIMS to fill in your teaching portfolio in the qualifications portfolio. For the teaching portfolio you can only use KI RIMS for headings 4.1 and 6 to get the information in the right place in the qualifications portfolio automatically, the remaining parts you fill in directly in the qualifications portfolio. The text in square brackets is the instruction from the qualifications portfolio.

1. Subject area competence and current teaching activity

[State the area of your teaching expertise and the position primarily associated with your current teaching activity, including the website on which it is presented.]

2. Teaching in the study programme

[This section describes the extent and the breadth of your teaching of students on various levels – that is, in undergraduate, graduate, and postgraduate programmes, as well as clinical supervision of interns/residents/the equivalent. Teaching on the various levels could be documented in table format, for example.]

[State your participation in the teaching as a percentage of a full-time position (on a full-year basis) or in number of hours, including time devoted to planning, implementation and work carried out after the conclusion of the course. State the courses and study programmes in which you have taught and specify the total time spent on actual teaching. State whether you have had individual supervision of particular project assignments or degree projects of at least 10 weeks’ length (15 academic credits). For students for whom you have been the main supervisor, list the names, time periods, course or study programmes, academic credits and universities involved.]

[State the form of instruction involved – for example, lectures, seminars, demonstrations, lab instruction, supervision in practice-based instruction, interprofessional instruction, case-methodology, IT-based instruction and/or supervision of individual project assignments.]

[State the various roles/assignments you have had in relation to courses and courses programmes, and instruction in the courses and study programmes – for example, course coordinator, course planning and committee work.]

[State the extent of and your responsibility for various types of examinations, such as written, oral, or practical examination, and preparation of assessment templates. Especially, name courses for which you have served as examiner.]

[State whether you have developed study or instructional materials. Include a description of the pedagogical considerations involved. It is essential to mention any evaluations and describe your experience of such evaluations. State where and how this material is available to more teachers for them to use in their own instruction. For study materials, the publisher and publication year must be stated.]

[Briefly describe your responsibilities and/or participation in evaluation contexts of others’ courses or the courses or study programmes of other universities. Give examples of documented evaluation of your teaching – for example, students’ evaluations of your teaching.]

[State your participation in instructor exchanges with foreign academic institutions and your involvement in student exchanges.]

3. Teaching in nursing and medicine and for healthcare practitioners

3.1 Teaching in nursing and medicine

[Document your experience of teaching in nursing and medicine – for example, patient instruction.]

3.2 Teaching for healthcare practitioners

[Document your experience of teaching for interprofessional cooperation and education of nursing and medical practitioners.]

4. Development of teaching skills

4.1 Formal studies in university-level teaching

[Document completed courses/study programmes in university-level teaching at and outside Karolinska Institutet. State the course provider, and the scope and time of the course.]

  • Added manually in KI RIMS in the fields: Professional activities: Degree; Teaching / leadership=Studies in university-level teaching. Except when Degree type (English)=Other course / study programme. Is then automatically transferred to the correct place in the qualifications portfolio.

4.2 Other teaching activities

[Document national and international pedagogical activities in which you have participated – for example, teaching conferences, instructor exchanges, workshops or seminars.]

5. Development work in teaching/medical pedagogy

[This is where you describe your experience of teaching development work, projects, and presentations in teaching/medical pedagogy. Merits relating to research in teaching/medical pedagogy, investigation of your own or others’ instruction or education-related issues, are presented in the scientific portfolio. A compilation of publications in teaching/medical pedagogy should be provided in the scientific portfolio and should be marked with “Ped” in front of the title.]

5.1 Pedagogical development work and projects

[Describe the most significant pedagogical development work and pedagogical projects that you have carried out. Name any collaborative partners you may have had.]

5.2 Communication and presentations of pedagogical development work

[Document communication and presentations of pedagogical development work you have carried out – locally, nationally, and internationally.]

6. Teaching distinctions

[Document any prizes and other teaching awards you may have received.]

  • Added manually in KI RIMS in the fields: Professional activities: Distinction / award; Distinction type= Educational distinction. Is then automatically transferred to the correct place in the qualifications portfolio.

7. Other teaching merits

[Document any other significant teaching merits of relevance for the evaluation of your teaching expertise.]

8. Concrete examples and reflections on your own teaching

[Describe your teaching, on one or two A4 pages, using one or several concrete examples – for example, one or more teaching situations, supervision, or assessment. Give arguments in support of your approach, making reference to proven experience and pedagogical research. Explain how you plan to further develop your teaching over the next five years. If applying for the title of ‘docent’ (for the teaching career track) or for a teaching-oriented position, the explanation may take up to a maximum of four A4 pages.]