Guidelines for laboratory moves and or terminations

Before moves and/or terminations of laboratory facilities can be done, there is a lot to think about and ensure, before the area can be returned.

The aim of this guide is to simplify laboratory moves and/or terminations for KI - personnel. Good planning will minimize risks for entrepreneurs, laboratory staff and all other personnel as well as risks for property loss and damages to equipment and/or scientific samples.

Good planning will also decrease the amount of time that research has to be put on hold due to the move.  

The guide was written as a preparation for the extensive laboratory moves 2017 - 2018 to Biomedicum, Neo, KM-B, ANA Futura, but may also be useful for single laboratory moves or terminations.

Contact information and links to supporting documents are listed at the end of the page and in the document Guidelines for laboratory moves and/or terminations. 

Also read about Laboratory waste and Waste management.


KI´s safety adviser for transport of dangerous goods:

Patrik Klettner Carlsson
Tel: 0725-69 06 11

Procured firm for decontaminations

BELFOR Sverige (previous SSG Nordic AB). Ordering decontamination services is done on telephone 08-99 99 24 (outside office hours / emergency 020-100 140) or email

When ordering, enter:

  • One of the following options:
    • Priority 1: Work of an urgent or an emergency nature. Starting within 2 hours.
    • Priority 2: Starting within a week.
    • Priority 3: Planned. Starting by appointment, normally within 2-4 weeks.
  • Your ZZ code
  • Complete invoice address
  • Where you want the service performed
  • What the service consists of


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