Staff support – telephone counselling

Telephone counselling is offered to all employees, scholarship-funded doctoral and post-doctoral students, for quick access to professional support.

Falck Health Care counselling: 0200-21 63 00

The service is available around the clock, where a social worker is on hand to provide direct initial advice with regard to any psychosocial issue. This service do not cover other affiliated co-workers.

The staff support includes both work-related and private matters. The service assists with matters concerning, for example, relationship problems, addiction issues, personal crises and questions regarding legal matters (e.g. tenancy agreements) or personal finances.

If you need further or another type of guidance from a specialist you will be contacted within 72 hours, by:

  • psychologist/psychotherapist via telephone, Monday to Thursday 8:00–20:00 and Friday 8:00–18:00,
  • legal or financial counsellor via telephone, Monday to Friday 8:00–17:00.

You are entitled to up to three counselling calls per case/situation. The service is centrally funded by KI.

Managers may also use the service to request managerial support for situations concerning, for example, working groups.

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