Karolinska Institutet uses three banks for payment services according to The Swedish National Debt Office's government procurement agreement.

Danske Bank

Incoming and outward payments in foreign currency (other than SEK) are handled by Danske Bank Business Online. For questions about deposits, accounts or balances please contact Danske Bank.


Incoming and outwaord payments in SEK as well as salaries are handled by Swedbank. Please use BankID or an authorization device affiliated with KI.

In order to get your salary to your bank account you need to register your account in Swedbank's register.

Swedbank's bank account register (in Swedish)


Prepaid debit cards (currently only used by the University Administration).

Apply for bank authorization

In order to apply for bank authorization, please fill in the form on Agresso Web.


For questions about authorization, accounting and balancing, please contact the Finance Office. For questions about deposits, accounts or balances please contact the bank in question.

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