Karolinska Institutet Discovers

Junior Faculty welcomes you to the KI Discovers series for the fall of 2021. The purpose of the KI Discovers series is to give insight into the latest scientific achievements across a variety of disciplines at Karolinska Institutet by highlighting new outstanding publications published during 2020-2021. The first KI Discovers of the fall will be hosted on October 6th and presented by Dr Fredrik Lanner.

The seminar series is funded by the Board of Research and hosted by Junior Faculty, with administrative support of the Communications and Public Relations Office at KI.

The seminars are held on Wednesdays between 12.00-13.00. No registration is needed.

Under the year 2021, the seminars will be given online as Zoom webinars.

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Seminars fall 2021

Wednesday October 6

Researcher Fredrik Lanner, Department of Clinical Science, Intervention and Technology

Evaluating totipotency using criteria of increasing stringency, Nature Cell Biology, January 2021

Moderator: Ninib Baryawno


Wednesday October 20

Assistant Professor, Carolina Hagberg, Department of Medicine, Solna

Obesity and hyperinsulinemia drive adipocytes to activate a cell cycle program and senesce. Nature Medicine, October 2021

Moderator: Alastair Kerr

The previously announced seminar by Neda Razaz has been cancelled by the speaker.


Wednesday November 3

Professor, Eckardt Treuter, Department of Biosciences and Nutrition

The corepressors GPS2 and SMRT control enhancer and silencer remodeling via eRNA transcription during inflammatory activation of macrophages, Molecular Cell, March 2021

Moderator: Sebastian Lewandowski 


Wednesday November 10

Research coordinator, Sebastian Lewandowski, Department of Clinical Neuroscience

Altered perivascular fibroblast activity precedes ALS disease onset, Nature Medicine, April 2021

Moderator: Yizhou Hu


Wednesday November 17

Researcher, Magda Bienko, Department of Medical Biochemistry and Biophysics

GPSeq reveals the radial organization of chromatin in the cell nucleus, Nature Biotechnology, May 2020

Moderator: Christian Riedel


Wednesday November 24

Researcher, Ana Teixeira, Department of Medical Biochemistry and Biophysics

A DNA-nanoassembly-based approach to map membrane protein nanoenvironments, Nature Nanotechnology, November 2020

Moderator: Sebastian Lewandowski 


Wednesday December 8

Researcher, Martin Enge, Department of Oncology-Pathology

A Highly Scalable Method for Joint Whole-Genome Sequencing and Gene-Expression Profiling of Single Cells, Molecular Cell, November 2020

Moderator: Ping Chen


Wednesday December 15

Assistant professor, Marcus Buggert, Department of Medicine, Huddinge

Robust T Cell Immunity in Convalescent Individuals with Asymptomatic or Mild COVID-19, Cell, October 2020

Moderator: Carmen Gerlach


Mission statement

Since 2012, the KI Discovers seminars have presented excellent research conducted at this university. The seminar series was founded by Professor Mats Wahlgren, at the time KI’s Pro-Dean of Research. 


Programme committee members of KI Discovers from KI Junior Faculty: Dr. Ninib Baryawno, Dr. Ping Chen, Dr. Sophia Miliara, Dr. Christian Riedel, Dr. Anna Sidorchuk.

Questions? Email to: ki-discovers@ki.se