KI-China Scholarship Council (CSC) programme

The KI-CSC programme is based on an agreement, for the period 2020-2025, between Karolinska Institutet (KI) and China Scholarship Council (CSC), a funding institution under the Ministry of Education of China. CSC awards scholarships to Chinese scholars going abroad for doctoral studies or visiting research. A KI host researcher can provide an opportunity by announcing a project with which the Chinese applicants can apply for a CSC scholarship.

Call for recruitment 2023-2024 has been cancelled

KI has decided to cancel the call for 2023-2024 recruitment of the KI-CSC programme. KI is negotiating with CSC the current KI-CSC agreement, as the content of the contract between CSC and its awardees has been questioned.

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Number of scholarships 

According to the KI-CSC programme 2020-2025, there are scholarships for up to:

  • thirty (30) doctoral students (either as full-time degree or visiting doctoral students) per year
  • twenty (20) postdoctoral fellows per year
  • five (5) visiting scholars per year

KI will not accept additional CSC scholarship awardees outside the KI-CSC programme, i.e., through the open calls of the CSC scholarship programmes.

CSC scholarship levels

The financial support from CSC for:

  • Doctoral degree students, SEK 15,000/month, up to 48 months  - Top-up needed
  • Visiting doctoral students, SEK 15,000/month, for 6-12 months  
  • Postdoctoral fellows, SEK 15,000/month, for 6-24 months - Top-up needed
  • Visiting researchers, SEK 15,000/month, for 3-12 months

KI supervisors receiving post-docs and registered doctoral students must top up the CSC scholarship to the minimum level required by KI either with a complementary scholarship or by part-time employment.

KI-CSC programme process

  1. Interested KI supervisors/hosts register research project for recruitment.
  2. Matchmaking between supervisors/hosts and Chinese candidates.
  3. Supervisors/hosts prepare required documents for Chinese candidates to apply for a CSC scholarship.
  4. Chinese candidates submit application for a CSC scholarship.
  5. Selection of candidates by CSC.
  6. Admission process to doctoral education at KI (*This step only applies to degree study doctoral students).

Restrictions for recruitment

KI supervisors/hosts can:

  • Recruit CSC scholarship-funded scholars every two years, upon a successful recruitment of a CSC scholarship awardee. If you receive a CSC funded scholar in the present year, you cannot recruit in the current recruitment round, but need to wait one year for the next recruitment period.
  • Advertise (register) up to two research projects (one project for a 4-year doctoral degree student or a visiting doctoral student, and one project for a postdoc or a visiting researcher),
  • Recruit a maximum of two candidates in each recruitment round,
    • one doctoral student (either a 4-year doctoral degree student or a visiting doctoral student)
    • one visiting scholar (a postdoc or a visiting researcher

KI does not accept CSC scholarship awardees outside the KI-CSC programme.

Recruitment information for KI supervisors and hosts

Information for Chinese CSC scholarship applicants

On the following pages you, as Chinese CSC scholarship applicant can find more information on projects announced for recruitment at KI and the process and timeline for the KI-CSC programme.


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